Finding Soul

Finding Soul offers unique reflection

A deep respect for the intertwined communities of London creatives was at the heart of artistic collaboration Finding Soul.

Using photography, poetry, film and spatial design, it offered a unique reflection on the energy uniting people.

Three strands of soul-vibe bringers Touching Bass collaborated on the project – interdisciplinary artist Rohan Ayinde, curator Yewande ‘YoYo’ Odunubi and filmmaker Tayo Rapoport.

The exhibition opened at Blank100 on Friday, July 14, with an evening of discussion.

It closed with Finding Soul: Live – a collaboration with Touching Bass, featuring live performances by Alex Rita, Ego Ella May, Lex Amor and Wu-Lu. The night of music and inspiration was a way of bringing the conversations at the heart of the exhibition to life.

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Finding Soul
Installation of the Finding Soul exhibition

Finding Soul inspiration

Rohan, Tayo and YoYo are dedicated to making work that moves people, sparks discussion and provokes thought.

They believe there has never been a more important time to explore and think about the importance of grassroots communities. In a moment of increasing social fracturing and individualism these communities provide support, stimulation and purpose.

Finding Soul explored the essence of the artists’ community, allowing viewers to meditate on how to nurture their own spaces.

Rohan Ayinde

Rohan is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is dedicated to creating spaces of empowerment and reflection for marginalised people.

His work is ‘committed to creating an audience that is Black without the limitations of race’.

Using photography and poetry, Rohan views art as his most powerful means of stimulating dialogue and action to change the world.

He is a member of the Roundhouse Poetry Collective and has performed for WorldWide FM, Levi’s, the V&A and at The Church of Sound.

As a member of Touching Bass and an organiser for Take Back the City, London plays a significant role in shaping his work.

However, this year he will be leaving to study black visual culture and its importance for movements of resistance at The School for the Art Institute of Chicago.

The exhibition offered a unique reflection on the energy which unites us

Yewande ‘YoYo’ Odunubi

YoYo is a London based curator and youth programme facilitator passionate about curating environments for creative collaboration.

Working with a range of cultural organisations, YoYo has spent the last five years supporting programmes that give emerging creatives opportunities to drive their own learning and cultural participation.

This has included projects with the Southbank Centre, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) and A New Direction, as well as grassroots collectives BBZ and Touching Bass.

Tayo Rapoport

Tayo has been carrying a video camera since the age of 17.

It is this intrinsic pull towards the documentation of the everyday that has stimulated his creative endeavours.

Tayo’s focus has always been cultural exploration. How can we bring each other closer through art? Find more empathy for one another? Expand our understanding of ourselves?

Tayo is always looking to shine a light on the real and the surreal within life’s daily offerings.

Recently Tayo has been creating intimate documentary films. He has profiled some of South London’s most prolific jazz musicians in the project Sampled: What is World Music? and created cinematic portraits of underground culture and music scenes.

Recent commissions include Night + Day Brixton, and documentaries for UK band The xx and fashion brand TOPMAN.

His latest endeavour is CHILD studio, a production company looking to create ‘inspiring visual art – whilst retaining values of integrity, sustainability & equality’.

There is another chance to catch the exhibition in August

Still time to catch it

Finding Soul will be travelling to Upstairs at the Ritzy from Tuesday, August 1, to Monday, August 14.

An opening event on the Tuesday evening will include a screening of the Finding Soul film.

Copy editing by Sheena Campbell for Spectrum Photographic.