Five questions with Matt Barker from MPB

We chat to Matt Barker, CEO of MPB, about developing his business and why he loves working in Brighton.

Why did you decide to start MPB?

I began getting interested in photography during my first year at university.

Through the process of discovering what equipment I wanted to use for my own photography I began buying and selling Canon equipment online and this continued as a means to finance my studies.

Upon graduating, I took a small office in Brighton and invested the cash I had made into developers to build the earliest version of our platform.

The company was officially formed in 2008, but I see the true start as 2010/11 when we started building out our team to create MPB as it is today.

MPB has its European head office in Brighton

What makes it different?

Photographers and videographers have a few options available to them for buying or selling used cameras and lenses.

They may choose to try and sell on a photographic forum, a peer to peer marketplace such as eBay or a classified site such as Gumtree.

Whilst it is possible to trade through all of these platforms, there are various potential downsides.

The transaction is never guaranteed to complete whether you are a buyer or a seller.

The process can be incredibly time consuming and, in the case of eBay, also very expensive.

Instead, when trading with MPB either as a buyer or a seller we are able to offer market leading pricing, while offering the fastest possible transactions.

You can be in Scotland at 4pm on a Monday, get an instant quote and you will have completed the sale and have funds in your bank by 4pm Wednesday.

Alternatively, you might be in Germany on Wednesday and require a hard to obtain lens for a shoot on Saturday. You are not only likely to find what you are looking for, since we have the largest range and throughput of any platform in the world, but you will be able to buy the item at a competitive price and it will be dispatched the same day.

We are obsessed by customer experience, constantly investing in our marketplace to ensure we offer the best experience for photographers all over the world whether they are looking to buy, sell or trade.

Matt Barker
Matt Barker CEO of MPB

Why did you choose Brighton for your European office?

I grew up very close to Brighton. It was the obvious place for me to start the business from purely from a geographical perspective.

But it is also a digital hub of the south and therefore it is an excellent city in which to recruit high quality staff including developers, marketers and operators.

What do you love about the city?

Everybody loves Brighton!

It is has a great balance of things on offer and delivers a fantastic standard of city living, while being positioned on the edge of the South Downs National Park.

It is also great for Gatwick and Heathrow airports, which as somebody who travels one to two times per month is also a massive plus.

MPB has its European head office in Brighton as well as an office in New York

What have been your biggest challenges and achievements?

I would say my personal biggest challenge has been constantly re-learning my job as we grow.

We have always grown at a very fast rate and as CEO your job is constantly changing – you leave some responsibilities behind while taking on new ones and ever increasing challenges.

We really have a achieved a huge amount so it is hard to single one thing out.

But being completely honest, the thing that I love most is seeing my staff at work every day and sharing the journey with them as we grow both in EU and the US.

More information

MPB is the leading platform for trading used cameras, lenses and digital accessories from brands including Canon and Nikon.

It offers a hassle-free and secure process for sellers and a simple and enjoyable retail experience.

With offices in Brighton and New York it is available to buyers and sellers across the EU and the US.

Copy by Sheena Campbell.