A Moment of Peace

A Moment of Peace by Matt Goddard

There are just days left to catch A Moment of Peace, The Landscape Photography of Matt Goddard.

The exhibition is on at the new Pop-Up Gallery in Church Street.

It features images of the beautiful Brighton and Sussex coast and surrounding countryside.

Photographs capture an air of calm and peace at some of the most stunning local walking destinations.

Locations include Seven Sisters, Birling Gap, Devils Dyke and the old Roman road at Halnaker, Chichester.

A Moment of Peace
Installation shot A Moment of Peace by Matt Goddard at The Pop-Up Gallery Brighton

Peace and escapism

“We all like to escape every once in a while and welcome that feeling of putting everything else on hold,” said Goddard.

“In this bubble protected from distractions we are able to find precious moments of peace and calm, where we are able to reflect on the world around us and our place within it.

“These photographs reflect my own personal moments of peace and escapism where I have left the day to day behind and gained an improved sense of perspective.

“In today’s busy world where we are constantly online it’s more important than ever to take time out and reconnect with the here and now.

“Quiet contemplation and patience is often needed when creating images.

“These qualities become evident in the final image – even if just subconsciously for the viewer.

“My approach is to focus on the areas of a landscape where nature is already presenting a sense of calm.”

Goddard believes photography as an art is a powerful medium for clearly sharing personal experiences.

“I hope this exhibition also leaves the viewer room to discover space where they may take a little time out and perhaps better connect with the world around them,” he said.

A Moment of Peace
Installation shot A Moment of Peace by Matt Goddard at The Pop-Up Gallery Brighton

Matt Goddard

Goddard’s images showcase Brighton’s seaside spirit and the beauty of the South coast.

He spent much of his childhood in, on or near to the sea leaving a lasting impression that continues to influence his art.

A Crohn’s diagnosis cut his career in financial services short.

His love of photography and the outdoors has been the silver-lining in the difficult times since.

Heading out with his camera is a form of escapism; removing all distractions and allowing him to become lost in the moment.

The sense of peace and tranquillity affords a fresh perspective and a more appreciative view of the world around us.

Technology has removed global barriers and made it easier than ever to remain connected with others.

However Goddard believes the time and space to connect with ourselves and our surroundings is a precious commodity that’s becoming easily overlooked.

Goddard was shortlisted in the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018 awards.

He opened The Pop-Up Gallery in Brighton in November.

A Moment of Peace

Goddard’s A Moment of Peace is on until December 23.

The Pop-Up Gallery is at 36 Church Street, Brighton.

Crohn’s & Colitis UK will receive a 20 per cent share of profits.

For more information visit www.mattgoddardphotography.co.uk.

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