A new photography book on Cuba by Clive Frost published by thePICTURE.

CUBA cubanas y cubanos involved extensive travels throughout this beguiling country, photographing formally and informally, in meeting places, places of work and leisure, public spaces, domestic surroundings, in country fields and city streets and squares, some of the people, both as individuals and as members of groups and organisations, who make up Cuban society in the 21st century.

Over a period of 7 months and more than 7000 kilometres travelling around the island, Clive Frost worked with the permission of the Cuban authorities to make these images and to present a view of Cuba not normally seen by the outside world or often portrayed by the many other photographers who visit the country.

“I went to Cuba at a time when many people felt that things were likely to change and change quite quickly and I wanted to try to get inside the real Cuba, not the superficial cigars and 50’s cars version. It took time and patience to get the access to a society which is, particularly among the governing powers, suspicious and careful of outsiders. Working and living with “insiders”, cubanos, solved many of the obstacles to getting my pictures.”

This dramatically designed book features 110 large format full colour images with an accompanying essay by the English writer and broadcaster, Stephen Smith. His book, ‘The Land of Miracles’, is based on the time he spent in Cuba during, what was called, ‘the special period in time of peace’ following the ending of aid from the former Soviet bloc.