Andre Lichtenberg

In conversation with Andre Lichtenberg

It has been a busy end to the year for Andre Lichtenberg. He has work in The Joseph Cohen Family collection, is preparing his largest artwork to date and currently has an exhibition at 35 North in Brighton.

Lichtenberg talks to us about a busy couple of months and being ‘beyond happiness’ at recent developments.

The Joseph Cohen Family Collection

Paris, Eiffel Tower, La Defense, is part of the Within Series – a project about architecture, sociology, history, photography and patience.

The series represented a major change of direction for Lichtenberg.

Now one of his images sits alongside artists he respects and admires in The Joseph Cohen Family Collection.

“I was told by my American gallery that the artwork was acquired by an important collector from NYC,” he says. “But I didn’t exactly understand at the time who the collector was.

“It was only a couple of months afterwards, while doing some research online, that I realised that my Parisian city-scape from the Within Series was part of the famous Cohen Family Collection.

“The feeling was beyond happiness, it was a mixture of honour, acceptance and achievement.

“The Within Series has been a photographic project that required a lot of guts, determination and hard work.

“I had been working in those images for a few years without knowing how the public would respond.

“The project is very personal in one level, it relates to my childhood memories and each artwork has a lot of me.

“The images are nothing like any other photographic project you have seen before and that can be very risky.”

Respect and admiration

Paris, Eiffel Tower, La Defense was exhibited in a museum show in Florida at the Palm  Beach Photographic  Centre,” says Lichtenberg.

“The show was curated by Ray Merritt, a well known photography commentator, collector and author from New York.

“From what I was told by Holden Luntz gallery, the piece was spotted and acquired during the private view of the event.”

Lichtenberg’s work now appears alongside artists including Picasso, Man Ray and Richard Learoyd.

“The collection is vast, impressive and the list of artists included, who I respect and admire, is too large to mention here.

“I have visited the collection website several times and every time I find fascinating how I discover yet another artist  I admire and artworks that bring a smile to my face.

“There are drawings by Picasso and Matisse, early collotype studies by Muybridge, rare silver gelatin prints by Man Ray and Bill Brant, contemporary pieces by Nan Goldin, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Richard Learoyd.

“I certainly feel honoured to have my work alongside any of those artists.”

Andre Lichtenberg
Finalle © Andre Lichtenberg

An exciting time

Lichtenberg says he never stops ‘thinking, exploring and creating’ images.

“I am always working on a few different projects simultaneously, it is my way to keep myself sane,” he says.

“At the moment I am finishing a couple of new super large city-scapes from the Within Series, that will be my largest artwork to date – a diptych of the City of London.

“I am also working on some large-scale, time-fragmented seascapes illuminated by the moonlight. And, I am experimenting with some small, poetical and abstracted studies of my daily life in a more observational style.”

35 North

An exhibition of Lichtenberg’s work is on at 35 North, Brighton, until Sunday, December 17.

“The show at 35 North Contemporary in Brighton has changed drastically since the first idea and meeting with the gallery around eight months ago,” he says.

“Initially the exhibition was going to display a new body of work to be photographed in Iceland, but the funding for that project never materialised.”

35 North suggested exhibiting existing work as the pieces are rarely exhibited in Brighton.

“That gave me opportunity to look back into earlier projects, to revisit pieces that have been important in my formation as an artist.

“So, an idea came to make this show a sort of mini retrospective.

“The exhibition displays prints covering the last 21 years of my career.

“From small hand-printed silver gelation prints and pieces from recent projects to a very large scale city-scape from the Within Series printed straight onto a brushed aluminium panel.

“It should be diverse and interesting if you are curious about photography and someones journey through the medium.”

Andre Lichtenberg

André Lichtenberg (b.1964 – Brazil), currently lives and works in UK.

He is a fine art photographer with a scientific background.

His projects investigate childhood patterns and memories in connection with studies of the environment and architecture.

His images are carefully constructed using techniques that fluctuate between science and art.

Andre Lichtenberg: Contemporary fine art photography is on 35 North, 35 North Road, Brighton, until Sunday, December 17.

The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday, 11am to 5.30pm.

Main image: City of London with fog © Andre Lichtenberg

Copy by Sheena Campbell.

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