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Spectrum Photographic backs Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

Spectrum Photographic is now a corporate partner for the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

The non-profit organisation works to prevent and clean ocean pollution and minimise disturbance from human development and climate change.

Our support will help to buy much-needed cleanup equipment to keep coastlines clean and protect marine wildlife.

It also allows the non-profit to run free educational workshops and provide free resources for schools around the world.

“Spectrum Photographic is committed to sustainability and conservation,” said co-director Hazel Watts.

“Being based in Brighton with the seaside on our doorstep, plastic waste is a cause particularly close to our hearts.

“We fully support Big Blue Ocean Cleanup’s mission to drive positive change towards clean oceans.”

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup works in four main areas: coastal cleaning, education, technology development and scientific research.

Its ambassador network runs coastal cleanups all over the world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of volunteers comb beaches and coastline for rubbish.

This is more than just a fun social activity. It helps save wildlife, protect the oceans and raise awareness about ocean pollution.

The education programme supports ocean learning in thousands of schools each year.

It develops free and open sources for teachers to help inspire the next generation to protect our blue planet.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup also supports the development of innovative technologies working to deal with pollution.

Meanwhile, its scientific research programme provides data on marine plastic pollution in a bid to raise awareness.

This data is used by businesses, governments, universities and individuals to help stop ocean pollution.

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