With Regard to the Credibility of Images part of the Brighton photography students online show

Brighton photography students host online exhibition

Graduating BA photography students at University of Brighton are exhibiting new works in an ambitious online exhibition.

They have adapted to the new style, embracing the change as an opportunity to discover new paths of innovation.

The exhibition opened to the public via the university’s online platform on June 12. Events are planned into July.

Water Consumption, part of an online show of work by Brighton photography students
Water Consumption from Consistent with Advice © Ben Mueller-Brown

The exhibition features works from all photography students graduating in 2020.

A wide range of photographic techniques are on display, casting light upon the present state of contemporary photography and providing hints to the direction these graduating artists will take in the future.

It is also an intriguing insight into what impact COVID-19 has had on emerging artists.

The show highlights how their work has had to adapt to new ways of living and what it means to be an artist in the current global climate.

That Which It Is (& Without Which It Would Not Be) © Louise Coates

For more previews, event news and more, follow @uob_photograd2020 on Instagram.

The photography students will also be taking over Spectrum Photographic’s Instagram account from Monday to Friday next week.

You can view the exhibition online by clicking here.

Main image: With Regard to the Credibility of Images © Matt Hughes

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