Spectrum Photographic recommended Photography Exhibitions for March-April

Guy Bourdin: Image Maker, Somerset House, 27th November 2014 – 15th March

Somerset House is offering the UK’s largest display of the most prolific, fashion photographer Guy Bourdin. The exhibition features still, moving, notebooks, drawings and unseen material from the photographer’s rich and colourful 40-year career. Most of Boudin’s work was produced with the aim to sell clothing, beauty, fashion and accessories. Bourdin’s distinctive style elevates these banal themes into something provocative, fantastical and surreal.


Image:Charles Jourdan: Spring 1979, Guy Bourdin

Feature Image: Vogue Paris, May 1970, Guy Bourdin

Human Rights Human Wrongs, The Photographers’ Gallery6th February – 6th April

Displayed over two floors of the Photographers’ Gallery, this exhibition features over 200 original press prints from 1945 until the early 90s. Brutal images featuring major political upheavals, war and struggles against racism and colonisation demonstrate the case for human rights through a global context. The exhibition also explores the significance of photojournalism in raising awareness of global conflict and reflects on the ethics in disseminating these events.


Image: Bob Fitch, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America, December 1965, The Black Star Collection, Ryerson Image Centre

The Syngenta Photography Award 2015: Scarcity-Waste, Somerset House, 11th March – 10th April

The Syngenta Photography Award offers national and international photographers an opportunity to respond to a theme which explores a global issue. This year’s exhibition revolves around notions of scarcity and waste, in particular the prevalence of climate change and food waste. The exhibition features ninety photographs, including those by finalists Mustafah Abdulaziz, Camille Michel, Stefano De Luigi, Rasel Chowdhury, Richard Allenby-Pratt, and Benedikt Partenheimer.


Image: Untitled, Drought In Kenya, Stefano De Luigi

Corinne Silva: Garden State, Ffotogallery, 7th March – 2nd May

Garden State displays two bodies of works, Wounded and Gardening the Suburbs. Both works examine how the Israeli state uses tactical landscaping to exert control over the Occupied Palestinian Territories, which are realised through a series of compelling sound and photographic installations.


Image: Untitled IX, Wounded, Corinne Silva

Eva Stenram: Positions, Siobhan Davies Studios, 16th January– 22nd March

Positions marks the UK premiere of Eva Stenram’s ongoing series Parts. Eva Stenram re-appropriates vintage pin-up photographs and through seamless digital manipulation, she removes the body and leaves only the leg intact. The resultant image reveals an isolated limb, thus subverting the erotic overtone of the former image. She reveals the capacity for digital alterations to alter the reality of a pre-existing image with a haunting beauty.


Image: Part 3, Parts, Eva Stenram

Dominic Hawgood: Under the Influence, TJ Boulting, 19th February – 21st March

Dominic Hawgood won this year’s International Photography Award hosted by the British Journal of Photography with his series Under the Influence. His work explores evangelical Christianity amongst African churches around London. Hawgood focuses on the theatricality on deliverance and exorcism by borrowing the performative gestures and objects which he had encountered during the ceremonies. His highly stylised images are reminiscent of advertisement campaigns, which have been realised in a visually intelligent and persuasive installation.


Image: Installation view:Under the Influence, Dominic Hawgood