Fotopub Festival 2017

Celebration of youth at Fotopub Festival 2017

The annual Fotopub Festival in Slovenia was a celebration of emerging artists and photographic practices.

Held in the rural town of Novo mesto from July 31 to August 5, the festival was led by young artists and curators.

A total of 37 international emerging artists hosted 10 exhibitions. There was also a book fair, music, entertainment and portfolio review.

The festival brought together well known and respected artists, curators, editors, publishers and gallerists from the international art world.

Spectrum Photographic is the official print partner for Fotopub Festival.

“We were delighted to travel to Novo mesto for this year’s Fotopub Festival,” said Spectrum Photographic owner Klair Bird.

“As always, the quality of images was outstanding and it is so exciting to attend an event celebrating emerging artists.”

Fotopub Festival 2017
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About Fotopub Festival

Fotopub focuses on generating links between the freshest photographic activity and its wider cultural context.

Its goal is to work where emerging photographic practices meet unconventional curatorial gestures.

It connects young artists with established professionals in the field of contemporary art to support the ‘development and acceleration of their artistic careers’.

Fotopub Festival gives emerging artists a platform for independent research, experimentation and practice ‘forming a multi-generational initiative for interdisciplinary cultural integration’.

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Portfolio Review

The Fotopub 2017 Portfolio Prize, selected by the Fotopub 2017 Portfolio Reviewers, was awarded to Zuzana Markéta Macková.

Her work will now be exhibited during the next edition of the festival.

Other winners included Thomas Kuijpers who won the Metronom Book Award and Lorde Selys, who received the A.I.R. Futura Residency Award, given by Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA.

Copy editing by Sheena Campbell.