Haris Nukem

Haris Nukem: Humans at NR Project

Haris Nukem has revealed Humans – his exploration of a young, impulsive, empowered tribe – at NR Project.

Curated by Inês Valle, Humans is an outstanding selection of Nukem’s most recent personal photo projects.

It aims to display our inner animal states, matched only by fragile and sober contrasts.

From candid sensibilities to provocative emotion, Humans is a journey through the most powerful of Nukem’s work.

Haris Nukem
©Haris Nukem

Haris Nukem

Coining a fearless brand of stylistic portraiture, Haris Nukem documents the varied faces of human animalism.

He captures moments of heightened freedom, be it through love, friendship or opulence.

Nukem’s following owes much to his passion for vivacious characters, consistently as dark as they are vibrant.

Exhibiting an unbridled ease, subjects enable him to capture their fall into various stages of indulgence, chaos or triumph.

What the images offer in grit is matched by vivid emotion—and their provocative nature offset by incandescent, burning hues.

Just as Nukem reveres our capacity for carnal behaviour, he strives to pay respect to discipline.

Subjects exude the strength of their conviction, portraying a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude.

The result is a body of work which documents intense relationships with ourselves, our peers, our partners and our work through a supremely impassioned lens.

Haris Nukem
©Haris Nukem

NR Project

Founded by Ben Lakin, NR Project is an art space aiming to bridge the existent gap between the worlds of visual art and tattooing art.

Driven by a critical curatorial program, it provides an experimental art platform aiming to push the current boundaries of tattooing by collaborating with artists and creative minds.

The space can be found at 6 Minerva Street, London.

Inês Valle

Curator Inês Valle is a transcultural researcher, writer, artist and photographer. She specialises in Aboriginal contemporary arts, global curating and international socially-engaged art practices and dialogues.

She has initiated and participated in several projects aiming to stimulate a global understanding of the conceptual notion of the ‘other’. Not to insert or present alternatives to dominant hegemonic narratives, but to interrupt, interrogate and investigate the effects and possibilities of the unheard and the omitted ones.

Valle holds a BA in Visual Arts and a MA in Curatorial Studies from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.

She is founder of ‘the Cera Project’, a transcultural exchange platform stimulating a dialogue in art, music, sound, performance and science with and about the Southern hemisphere’s narratives.

Currently, she is curator of NR Project in London.

Haris Nukem
©Haris Nukem

Exhibition details

Spectrum Photographic produced 29 C-type Lustre prints mounted on to 3mm PVC Foamex panels for the exhibition.

Haris Nukem: Humans is on at NR Project until September 15.

Opening times: 10am to 6pm at 6 Minerva Street, London, E2 9EH.

Copy editing by Sheena Campbell.