Haris Nukem

Haris Nukem FAITH at Noho Studios

Haris Nukem is currently showing his new photography exhibition FAITH at Soho’s Noho Studios.

Considered one of London’s most exciting and provocative photographers of recent years, Nukem examines where we place the pillars of our faith in the new social landscapes of the 21st century.

A passionate study of the human spirit, FAITH questions the guiding ideologies surrounding millennial culture and Gen Z.

His portraiture explores social media connectivity, the limitations and liberations of the curated self and the fragility of public services.

It also touches on concerns including hedonism, trolls and tribalism.

Curator Penelope Sonder said: “Haris Nukem presents an in-depth understanding of a new generation as an exceptional storyteller behind the lens.

“He concerns himself with today’s societal struggles and offers philosophical meditations in a contemporary context featuring graffiti anecdotes, bunny ears and tattooed physiques.

“This contrast makes him an important observer of the dawn of a new era.

FAITH is his strongest exhibition to date, with photography of daring compositions and gritty yet extreme colour palettes presenting a new take on society.”

Dopamine by Haris Nukem shows a models brightly coloured face emerging from a sea of pills
Dopamine © Haris Nukem

Haris Nukem – a unique perspective

The North London based artist credits his childhood for his unique perspective.

He entered the UK as an asylum seeker.

Obsessed with branding and the strength of the individual, Nukem began his career in advertising before turning his hand to visual art.

Now 29, he has finalised a fresh, new body of work – FAITH.

Collaborating with a collection of exciting and inspiring creatives, FAITH features emerging models, artists, dancers and musicians.

All combine to portray Nukem’s new observations and interpretations.

Haris Nukem's Kikz part of the FAITH series
Kikz © Haris Nukem

Exhibition details

Haris Nukem’s FAITH is on at Noho Studios, Soho, until Thursday, April 25.

FAITH is a provocative body of work, showcasing colourful narratives that embed themselves in the unsettling yet exciting social shifts in today’s world.

Characterised by their opulence in colour and bright, incandescent hues, these new photographs narrate individual stories of belief.

Haris Nukem's We Need Heroes depicts a woman in a showgirl costume reading Joan of Arc in a vandalised toilet
We Need Heroes © Haris Nukem

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