A group of girls stand in a housing estate with their backs to the camera wearing fashionable clothes

It’s called Ffaswin at In Between Gallery

In Between Gallery is now open 24 hours a day for passers-by to experience installed artwork by emerging photographers.

The temporary gallery at Fabrica displays photography alongside the main exhibition programme in a four-by-three metre window space.

From now until November, the work on show will be by Clémentine Schneidermann and Charlotte James.

Schneidermann is a French photographer based in South Wales.

She has developed several personal photography projects engaging with local communities.

James is a creative director from Merthyr Tydfil, collaborating with her local community and working across fashion and creative direction.

Spring Gurnos, Merthyr 2017 is taken from It’s called Ffasiwn – an ongoing collaboration between Schneidermann, James and young people in the South Wales valleys.

The In Between Gallery window at Fabrica
Spring Gurnos, Merthyr 2017 on display at In Between, Fabrica

Juxtaposing deprivation with hope

Schneidermann and James met in the Valley’s town, Abertillery, in 2015.

Realising their common interest, they began hosting fashion-themed workshops for young people in two youth groups.

They’ve collaborated and worked with the same young people for the past three years.

Drawing on their own industry experience, they have taught the young people skills such as sewing, customising clothes and styling.

The children helped put together the outfits in the photographs taken by Schneidermann.

The media has documented deprivation in the South Wales Valleys for decades.

It has reliably presented the nation with caricatures of unemployment, declining town centres and, more recently, sound bites for unsympathetic reports on Brexit-voting regions.

The coverage has rarely sought to explore the complexities of de-industrialisation and what this means for people, families and communities.

Schneidermann and James’ business is not to deny the reality of social deprivation.

Instead, they juxtapose this with the vivacity, promise and hope of youth.

A woman walks past the In Between gallery at Fabrica
In Between Gallery, Fabrica

Open call for In Between Gallery

Fabrica partners with Spectrum Photographic and Brighton Photo Fringe for the In Between Gallery programme.

The aim is to present photographic work by UK-based artists who consider themselves to be early to mid-career.

The winter programme will be an open call.

There is no theme to address. However, artists are asked to choose work that will function well within the context of a large format print set within the window frame.

Measurements are approximately: 270cm x 225.5cm.

The window faces directly onto Duke Street, one of Brighton’s busiest pedestrianised quarters.

The image would be exhibited from early December until early March 2020 when there is no large-scale exhibition in Fabrica’s main space.

One artist/artist group and one image will be selected (images may be composite).

Information about the selected artist and image will be featured on the Fabrica website and via promotional materials produced by Fabrica, Brighton Photo Fringe and Spectrum for the duration of the exhibition.

Fabrica will pay an exhibition fee of £150 to the selected artist.

The open call is for artists working in photographic media.

Applicants should submit one image only. Images can be existing or new work.

Applications must contain:

  • One low-res image (jpg or png)
  • Title and contextual information concerning the image (doc or pdf)
  • Biography/CV (doc or pdf)
  • A link to the applicants’ or other website where a range of work can be seen

The deadline for entries is midday on Monday, October 28.

For more information visit www.fabrica.org.uk/in-between or contact office@fabrica.org.uk.

Main image: Spring Gurnos, Merthyr 2017 © Clémentine Schneidermann and Charlotte James.

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