Yellow dress by Vera Hadzhiyska is the latest image chosen for the In Between Gallery

In Between Gallery open call winner revealed

Fabrica has announced the winner of its latest In Between Gallery open call.

Back in September, Fabrica launched a photography open call for emerging photographers.

The call was a partnership with Spectrum Photographic, Brighton Photo Fringe and Loupe Magazine.

After many submissions, the judging panel whittled down an ‘incredible shortlist’ to just one image – Yellow dress (2019) by Vera Hadzhiyska.

With the Name of a Flower

The image is part of the larger body of work titled With the Name of a Flower.

The multi-disciplinary project investigates the forced name changes of the Muslim population in Bulgaria from 1912 to 1989.

The long-term discrimination saw countless people forced to change their Arabic names to state-approved Slavic ones.

Explaining her personal connection to this project, Hadzhiyska says: “Vera was the name of my paternal grandmother who I was named after.

“However, she was called Ferde before I was born – a Muslim name she was forced to renounce and never use again.

“In the photograph you see, I am wearing a traditional dress that belonged to her in an attempt to commemorate the lives of countless people who were forced to change their names and experienced violence and trauma.”

In Between Gallery

As a temporary space in the Fabrica window, In Between Gallery offers opportunities to emerging artists.

Spectrum Photographic is a long-term supporter of the project.

For more information, visit

Yellow dress will go on display in Duke Street, Brighton, from January 25, 2021.

To view more of Hadzhiyska’s work, visit

Main image: Yellow dress (2019) © Vera Hadzhiyska

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