‘Inscape’ by Anna Heinrich & Leon Palmer

Backlit, high resolution, photographic images printed on transparency material and mounted on perspex sheets and vinyl lettering mounted across walls. Text taken from conversations with members of Bingley Harriers.

Printed and mounted by Spectrum

‘Inscape’ creates an illusory opening onto the heavily carved rock shelf of ‘Druid’s Altar’ that overlooks Bingley from high above the valley, northwest of the town centre.

The photograph was taken on the morning of 27th September 2009. The text that weaves across the walls of the health centre and into the image to meet the carved stone was taken from fragments of conversations from members of Bingley Harriers.

Viewing Bingley from here really puts the town in context, even the most recent carvings in the rock seem to have become part of the geology.