Spirit Side

Last chance to see Miniclick: Spirit Side

There are just two chances left to view Miniclick’s latest exhibition Spirit Side. The installation combining photography with a ghost hunt is on tonight and tomorrow (October 18 and 19).

In 2015, Miniclick worked with Curtis James and Emily Macaulay to put on a series of events on the theme of The Spirit Side.

Highlights included discussions from noted parapsychologists, a ghost story film screening, a specially commissioned theatre piece and talks from horror film creators.

This month, Miniclick resurrected Spirit Side with a series of events.

Central is an exhibition from Miniclick, Curtis James and Emily Macaulay where visitors are invited to join a ghost hunt.

The exhibition was printed on Blue Black paper and sponsored by Spectrum Photographic.

Spirit Side
Miniclick’s Spirit Side installation, at The Regency Town House in. Curated by Miniclick, Curtis James and Emily Macaulay and sponsored by Spectrum Photographic.

Spirit Side

Hosted in the beautifully unsettling basement at The Regency Town Houses’ Number 10 Brunswick Square, Spirit Side showcases a series of archive images of hauntings, spirits and ghosts.

The basement has remained largely untouched since its 19th-century heyday as servants’ quarters.

In the low light of the empty and cold space, visitors use torches to hunt for the images, then look for the ghosts inside them.

To coincide with the exhibition,, Miniclick hosted an evening of talks on Monday, October 16.

The event featured the head of  the Anomolistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths Prof. Chris French, funeral director Tora Colwill and film maker Vicky Matthews.

They discussed a range of topics from the psychology of ghost sightings, to our understanding of death through funeral rituals to haunted locations.

Spirit Side
Miniclick’s Spirit Side installation at The Regency Town House. Curated by Miniclick, Curtis James and Emily Macaulay and sponsored by Spectrum Photographic.

Capturing the Chimera

Miniclick has also teamed up Capturing the Chimera to run two free workshops combining exercises in photography and writing.

There are still places on the second workshop, Capturing the Uncanny, on Sunday, October 29.

This workshop will give a literary introduction to the origins and elements of The Uncanny as a theoretical and literary tool in writing, providing extracts and discussion points for the group.

Writing exercises will give the group an opportunity to play with and create their own ‘uncanny’ vignettes using different thematic options.

The group will then be lead in a discussion surrounding peculiar photography.

Finally, they will have a chance to create their own peculiar image in a professional photographic studio.

Capturing the Uncanny is on from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, October 29. The workshop will be held at New Writing South, 9 Jew Street, Brighton.

Entrance is free email capturingthechimera@gmail.com to book.

Exhibition details

Spirit Side, October 12-19, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 5pm-7pm.

The Basement at Number 10, Brunswick Square, Brighton.

Free entrance.

More information online at miniclick.co.uk

Main image: Miniclick’s Spirit Side installation at The Regency Town House. Curated by Miniclick, Curtis James and Emily Macaulay and sponsored by Spectrum Photographic.

Copy by Sheena Campbell.

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