Selecting the correct settings in Photoshop will ensure accurate results when viewing and printing.

Photoshop Settings

It is important to make sure all images that you work on have an embedded profile. This is usually (but not always) sRGB for digital camera files and Adobe 1998 for scanned images. Photoshop has a colour settings panel that determines how it handles the colour management of the files that you work on. Once set this can be, in most cases left alone.

Recommended Settings

Spectrum’s recommended settings have been saved as a file that can be downloaded then loaded into the colour settings dialogue box and saved as your default colour setting. Download settings»

photoshop setup

Photoshop Video tutorial

Setting up Photoshop from Spectrum Support on Vimeo.

Image sharpening tips

Images can often benefit from a small amount of sharpening, this is usually done in three stages:

Input sharpening

An overall sharpening to compensate for any softness inherent in the capture process either from the camera/lens or the scanner.

Creative sharpening

For example, applying selective sharpening to a portrait to make the eyes stand out whilst leaving the skin smooth.

Output sharpening

Sharpening to compensate for any softening inherent in the printing process.

The software that drives our printers has been custom adjusted to perform the necessary output sharpening.