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Aluminium or Dibond Mounting

An ultra smooth surface, aluminium and Dibond (Alupanel) are both archival and give sleek results. They are some of the most popular choices for the mounting of prints for exhibition display. We can mount a wide range of papers, including high gloss and super gloss prints, to aluminium and Dibond (Alupanel).

2mm aluminium

C-type printed mounted to 2mm Aluminium | Spectrum Photographic

2mm aluminium is first precision cut by guillotine for a perfect straight edge before the print is applied. The substrate is weightier than Dibond (Alupanel) (3mm), but has a more attractive silver edge. We can also cut aluminium to a specific shape.

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3mm Dibond (Alupanel)

C-type print mounted to 3mm Dibond | Spectrum Photographic

When weight is an issue because of framing or transportation 3mm Dibond (Alupanel) an aluminium composite is a good alternative to aluminium. Weighing less than half than its aluminium equivalents, this material is composed of a dark plastic core with a thin layer of aluminium coated on each side. This archival mounting solution is perfect for very large pieces and touring exhibitions.

What does archival mean?

Exhibition view - C-type print mounted to Aluminium - Sponsored Fine art photographic printing & finishing | Spectrum Photographic
Exhibition view: Our Plastic Ocean by Mandy Barker. Impressions Gallery


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