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Card Mounting

Two display options that work for all budgets.

2mm display card

C-type print mounted to 2mm card | Spectrum photographic

Display card is our most cost-effective mounting solution for short-term display. It can either be attached directly to a wall or used within a frame as it is very thin and lightweight. This is not acid free mount card and it has slight undulations to the surface. It must be secured in place to prevent bowing.

3.8mm DISPA® board

DISPA® is a display board with a flat smooth surface. It has a unique layered core that provides rigidity and stability. The product has been created by the manufacturer with 100% renewable energy and is made of 100% paper. This is another lightweight display option suitable for short-term display or framing.


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Card mounting prices

Showing prices excl. VAT inc. VAT
inches mm 2mm display card
(excl. VAT)
3.8mm Dispa Board
(excl. VAT)
10 x 8 254x203 £7.00 £10.00
A4 297x210 £7.00 £10.00
12 x 10 305x254 £7.50 £11.50
A3 420x297 £8.50 £14.00
16 x 12 406x305 £9.60 £14.00
20 x 16 508x406 £11.50 £21.00
A2 594x420 £16.00 £26.00
20 x 24 610x508 £16.00 £26.00
30x20 762x508 £20.00 £29.00
30x30 762x762 £23.00 £40.00
A1 841x594 £23.00 £40.00
36x24 914x610 £23.00 £40.00
40x30 1016x762 £29.00 £52.00
40x40 1016x1016 £40.00 £65.00
A0 1189x841 £40.00 £75.00
48x36 1220x914 £40.00 £75.00
48x40 1220x1016 £45.00 £75.00
48x48 1220x1220 £57.00 £80.00
60x40 1524x1016 £57.00 £80.00

Due to the texture of the material we do not recommend mounting glossy prints to card. When supplying prints for mounting we request, if possible, the print is supplied with additional handling.