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Durospec™: Perspex Reverse Mounting

Perspex face mounting gives stunning results that are archival and ready for exhibition.

C-type print & Durospec mounting with Dibond back | Spectrum Photographic

Using a wet-mounting technique, we have an advanced range of backing substrates including 3mm Dibond. We also offer 3mm black or white acrylic which is diamond polished to a high shine. This process, pioneered by and unique to Spectrum, cannot be found elsewhere.

Once the Perspex has been bonded to the front of your photographic print the refraction of light gives a high definition effect and brilliant colour, with flawless results that will last for many years. The finished piece is supplied ready to install on the wall, eliminating the need for a picture frame and it is now widely shown in photographic exhibitions. This is fast becoming our most sought-after option for the mounting of photographic prints.

What does archival mean?

Please note Perspex reverse mounting is only available for C-Type matt prints and is not suitable for Giclée prints.

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C-type print & Durospec mounting in exhibition space - fine art photographic printing | Spectrum Photographic
Installation view: Collective View exhibition. © Thomas Leighton

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