Round-up: Mandy Barker image 276 pieces of plastic found in the stomach of one Albatross chick

Round-up of the year 2019

Our last blog of 2019 is a round-up of some of our highlights from throughout the year.

It has been another year of fantastic exhibitions, innovative photography and exciting partnerships.

We would like to thank all the artists and galleries who have worked with us in 2019.

Here are just some of our highlights:

Peckham 24

Back in May, Peckham 24 showcased the best contemporary photography.

Centred on dual themes of collaboration and community, this year’s festival celebrated its grassroots beginnings.

Highlights included a special projection of Tom Hunter’s Le Crowbar performed as a slideshow by the artist and Rehearsing the Real, a group exhibition curated by Tom Lovelace.

Spectrum Photographic was the print partner – producing C-type, Giclée and vinyl prints.

Mandy Barker: Our Plastic Ocean

Mandy Barker addressed the global crisis of marine plastic pollution in her summer exhibition.

Collecting debris from shorelines across the world, she transforms her finds into powerful and captivating images.

Our Plastic Ocean, which premiered at Impressions Gallery, was the first major touring retrospective of her work.

It included the series Soup, meticulously detailed composite images of discarded plastic objects; Albatross revealing 276 pieces of plastic found inside the stomach of a 90 day old albatross chick; and Beyond Drifting, which sees Barker trace the footsteps of 19th-century botanist John Vaughan Thompson who collected plankton specimens, the ocean’s most basic life-form.

Spectrum Photographic was the print partner producing C-type Matt print mounted to Aluminium.

Main image: From the series Albatross: 276 pieces of plastic found in the stomach of one 90-day-old Albatross chick from Midway Island, North Pacific Ocean 2012 © Mandy Barker/courtesy Impressions Gallery.

LOOK Photo Biennial

Unfolding throughout the year, LOOK Photo Biennial 2019 built upon Open Eye Gallery’s international exchange with China.

The programme used photography to bring different cultures into conversation.

It reflected on shifting national identities, worldwide environmental issues and how we can communicate effectively.

This autumn, the programme included two exciting collaborative exhibitions – Distinctly and Peer to Peer.

Spectrum Photographic was the print sponsor for Distinctly and the print partner for Peer to Peer.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

This year, Spectrum Photographic was delighted to become a corporate partner for the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

The non-profit organisation works to prevent and clean ocean pollution and minimise disturbance from human development and climate change.

Our support will help to buy much-needed cleanup equipment to keep coastlines clean and protect marine wildlife.

It also allows the non-profit to run free educational workshops and provide free resources for schools around the world.

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