A white and grey image in a black frame propped up against a wall. Statement of Being

Statement of Being

Statement of Being, a group exhibition, opens at Deptford does Art tonight.

It features the work of Krasimira Butseva, Laura Bivolaru, Victoria Louise Doyle, Lucas Gabellini-Fava and Elena Helfrecht

Statement of Being forms an exploration of the different ways in which images manifest.

The bodies of work encompass the genetics, experiences and materials within photography, including photography, writing, AI, sound and sculpture.

The artists investigate the way in which a camera adopts the function of an archaeological tool, digging deep into human consciousness to uncover aspects of our interior and exterior beings.

Inherited memories, habits and occurrences are all incorporated.

To deal with these subjects the artists experiment with different materials, pushing the boundaries of contemporary photography.

As the camera allows them to gaze back at the past and create bridges to the present, the artists end up returning to the family home in order to understand the history preceding their birth.

Obsessively recording conversations with relatives and searching for glimpses and pieces of the family in their skins, bodies and shared landscapes, they end up uncovering layers of personal but shared trauma.

The group exhibition will serve as a testing ground, where gradients of visibility will emerge, inviting a new audience into this discussion.

Exploring family history

Elena Helfrecht delves into a suppressed, unfamiliar past using her family home and the archive hidden inside of it.

Fabricating situations, scenes and historical narratives, Elena finds herself serving the role of a bridge between the past and present.

In Plexus, dream-like environments are juxtaposed with the inherited stories of Nazi Germany, post memory and mental health.

Laura Bivolaru is interested in the gap between photographs on 35mm films.

A black line separating each image, exposed to light and capturing the whole transition period in its darkness.

She looks into this negative space considering the pieces of time unworthy of being photographed and remembered.

Cut out of Bivolaru’s family archive, the strip covered with gelatin emulsion is a site of intersection for Romania’s communist past and the hope for a brighter future.

Complex relationships

Krasimira Butseva seeks pieces of the past, mixing personal accounts, memory, oral history and reenactment.

Appropriating family and found photographs, she forms new layers of past and present in a bid to understand her grandmother’s life.

Lucas Gabellini-Fava documents the complex relationship between himself and his father.

Programmed by My Father includes multilayered conversations, stammers and quivers, hairs on their necks and dirt under their fingernails.

He uses photogrammetry to preserve the three-dimensional wholeness of their presence, alongside an artificial intelligence enclosing all words said over the course of a year.

Victoria Louise Doyle explores friction as an inherent aspect of the photograph.

Within this work she confronts her desires to situate and control it.

Through this process, secrets of the past have begun to reveal themselves, rising to the surface, waiting to capture the viewer.

However, it is precisely the things that matter most that she cannot say.

So, turning to writing as a method of release, Victoria utilises transparent vinyl text as a method of revealing and paradoxically concealing that which she would never allow herself to say.

Statement of Being

A private view of Statement of Being is on tonight (August 30) from 7pm to 11pm.

The exhibition is runs until Sunday, September 1, at Deptford does Art.

A We Make the Yolk reading and writing workshop is on from 4pm to 5pm on Sunday, September 1.

Main image © Laura Bivolaru

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