Student Printing & Mounting Services

We appreciate that photography can be an expensive subject to study, so we’d like to offer a student discount on all our online services.

Spectrum Photographic has been working with students for a number of years, so we understand the importance of getting every detail just right! We pride ourselves on working with emerging photographers and artists to help them materialise their creative vision. Therefore, whether you’re looking to produce portfolio prints or create your final degree exhibition, we will work with you from the initial consultation right through to the date of dispatch.

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have achieved for ourselves; infact many of our long term customers’ first orders were placed as students.


“When you are trying to make the world sit up and take notice of your work, you have to consider every last detail. Spectrum are a company who understand that implicitly and bring a level of care and craft to your images that is difficult to match. With hearty discounts available to students and graduates, they are making a highly specialised service available to those just starting out. They’re ideal partners to work with in bringing the very best out of what you’ve created.”

Alec Dudson, Editor-in-chief, Intern Magazine

“Spectrum did a fantastic job printing Dominic Hawgood’s images for BJP’s International Photography Award, helping make an unusual exhibition look exceptionally slick and accomplished. They also went the extra mile for him in adding in some artists’ prints for sale, and this sums up the way they work – not only are they great at what they do, they’re friendly and helpful, and go the extra mile.”

Diane Symth, Deputy Editor at British Journal of Photography


Photograd has built a strong relationship with Spectrum since we launched in 2016. We’ve not only been able to collaborate with a superb, dedicated company, but be introduced to many industry professionals because of their work. The team are skillful, efficient, and always willing to lend support which is vital in this industry.

Melissa Belton, Founder at Photograd

Why I Choose Spectrum


Alison Stolwood

MA Photography at University of Brighton

I used Spectrum’s services for printing and mounting my BA show and later for my MA exhibition. I have always found them very approachable to discuss work and costs.I know when working with Spectrum that I can be confident of the quality and care of printing and production for display.I have found them to be very professional and I continue to use Spectrum for my exhibition printing and mounting.

Kieran Hosking

BA Hons Photojournalism at University of Wales Trinity Saint David

I had used Spectrum numerous times before my BA show, they always provided me with great quality digital C-Type prints. When it came to the rush before my show I wanted to use a company I could rely on to provide the quality I was after reliably and affordably. As a student I was never great at time management but when I placed an order with Spectrum they always did their best to get my prints to me within the very tight window I left them. Knowing you are having your prints printed and mounted by a top notch company offers some welcomed peace of mind when the pre-show and end-of-year stress is kicking in.

32_Portra 160 014 - Version 2

Joesph Thomas

BA Hons Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth

For my graduation show in London I required a reliable, high quality and reasonable cost solution. I chose Spectrum as I’d used them previously, and had good reviews from other photographers. Since graduating I’ve used Spectrum on multiple occasions for exhibitions and personal projects. I can rest assured that my work will always arrive in excellent condition, on time.

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Our Online Services

Photographic C-type prints are made by exposing light onto colour paper, which is then developed and washed using traditional photographic techniques. Our processors are equipped with an extra wash stage to increase the archival stability of your prints. C-Type prints are perfect for re-producing images with a photographic finish and yielding excellent contrast; making them perfect for portfolio prints and exhibition printing.

Giclée, the French word for ‘spray’, refers to the ink-jet printing process used to produce beautiful and archival standard fine art prints. We use 10 colour Epson UltraChrome HDR inks and a wide range of high quality papers, perfect for reproducing Fine Art and illustrative prints.

Giclée prints are the digital solution to the traditional fibre based baryta papers used in the conventional darkroom; especially if you are planning to print a black and white image. Our Innova Semi Matte is perfect for re-producing black and white images with rich blacks and bright whites.

When choosing how to mount a photograph certain factors need to be considered, such as how long will it be displayed for, how it will be attached to the wall or whether you would need the piece to be framed. We have a range of cost effective and archival mounting options to display your prints.

For short term display, we would recommend card, PVC Foamex, MDF and Kapa Foamboard. Whereas, for archival display we would recommend Aluminium, Dibond and Durospec mounting.

  • Fully automated & easy to use ordering system
  • Fast turnaround
  • Various mounting options
  • Colour managed workflow
  • Secure online payment

Online Printing & Mounting Price Calculator:


Online Printing Turnaround Times

Photographic C-Type Prints (Fuji Crystal Archive Gloss, Matt or Lustre) Up to 48 Hours in lab
Giclée Ink-jet prints Up to 48 Hours in lab

Our post is collected at 2pm Monday-Friday so please ensure urgent orders are uploaded by 1pm to guarantee they are posted out two working days later. Orders placed after this time will still be ready for collection after 48 hours, but will be collected by the postman the following day.

Mounting Turnaround Times

Card, PVC & Foamboard Mounting  Up to 7 days in lab
MDF, Aluminium, Dibond, Durospec Perspex Reverse  Up to 10 days in lab

C-type papers:

As this is a colour process, black & white images can print with a slight warmth or coolness. Whilst this is not always the case, we would recommend printing B&W images through the Giclée process, onto either the Innova Semi-Matte or Innova Ultra-Smooth Gloss. These two papers in particular give lovely rich yet neutral blacks.


Crystal Archive Matte

Professional archival resincoated colour paper with a matte finish – the first choice for exhibition prints.

Crystal Archive Lustre

A slightly stippled surface gives this resin coated paper a semi-matte finish, with deep blacks that are more forgiving of fingerprints.

Crystal Archive Gloss

A very good base white – as with all our resin coated Fuji papers-giving punchy colours. Great for those high impact shots.


Images printed onto Duratran film have a translucent base designed to be back-lit, making them perfect for light boxes. With superb clarity, colour saturation and deep blacks.

C-type technical specifications

Our process is fully colour managed in order to recognise embedded Adobe ’98 and sRGB profiles, ensuring accurate printed colours every time.

  • Chromogenic Silver Halide Photographic Process
  • Printer: 50” ZBE Chromira
  • Maximum Print Size: 1254 mm x 4000 mm
  • Optimum input resolution: 200-300 dpi
  • Output: RGB continuous tone – equivalent to 4000dpi
  • Archival Life expectancy: up to 56 years on Display – 100 years Dark Storage

Please note that this is an RGB colour process. As such, we recommend printing B&W images through the Giclée process, onto either the Innova Semi-Matte, or Innova Ultra Smooth Gloss as these two papers give lovely rich blacks with no risk of a colour cast.

Giclée papers:


Award winning paper range with various fibrous finishes and paperweights, providing maximum choice for Fine Art reproductions. These paper types are also acid free and archival.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm

A very popular paper for re-producing high quality fine art prints. This paper type has a fibrous finish, much like a smooth watercolour paper.

Hahnemühle German Etch 310gsm

This heavyweight paper has fine surface texture, perfect for re-producing watercolour artworks and fine art prints.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl 285gsm

Reproduces impressive pictorial depth with a beautiful pearl-finish.

The Galerie Prestige is the latest range of papers developed by Ilford. Combining state of the art ink jet technology, this paper type offers excellent colour gamut with a sumptuous feel.

Ilford Prestige Smooth Pearl 310gsm

This heavy weight, resin coated paper features a smooth pearl finish making it perfect for providing superb photographic image quality, consistency and clarity.


Designed as a digital solution to the traditional fibre based Baryta papers used in an analogue darkroom. These paper types are acid free, archival and reproduces a wide colour gamuts.

INNOVA FibaPrint White Matte 285gsm

Our most popular paper amongst illustrators at Spectrum Photographic. This ultra-smooth matt surface paper features brilliant whites.

Giclée technical specifications

  • Printer: Epson Stylus Pro 9900
  • 10 colour Ultrachrome HDR inks
  • Maximum Print size 1100 mm x 2500 mm
  • Optimum Input resolution 200-300 dpi
  • Output resolution up to 2880 dpi variable-sized droplet technology
  • Archival Life expectancy*: up to 100 years on display – 200 years Dark Storage

Quality prints should be mounted with the care and attention to detail that they deserve. Spectrum has over two decades of experience mounting prints to the highest standards.

When choosing how to mount a photograph certain factors need to be considered, such as how long will it be displayed, or how it will be attached to the wall. We have a range of cost effective and practical mounting options to display your prints, but if you are at all unsure, just give us a call and we will help you choose the most appropriate style of mounting, with our skilled staff ensuring perfect results every time.

User Guide

Please note: all sizes are approximate. Your images will not be opened by us prior to their printing.

Uploading your files

The maximum uncompressed file size for upload to the online ordering service is 450 mb per file. 

Accepted file formats are JPEG and TIFF files (JPEG is recommended for quicker Internet transfer times). When using .jpeg files we recommend photoshop compression between 10-12 which will still give fast uploads with no loss of quality. For clients wishing to upload .tiff files please use 8 bit files and do not use LZW compression.

There are no limitations to the number of images you may upload, however it is recommended to divide large quantities into smaller portions in the event of any unforeseen network or internet interruptions.

The time taken to upload your order will depend on your upload speed which is often much slower than your download speed. You should be able to leave your computer to do something else while your images continue to upload without any problems. It may be necessary to check your computer’s energy saving features so it does not hibernate while uploading an order.


You can upload images saved at final print size at a resolution between 72 and 400 dpi. For good quality results, we recommend a resolution of at least 150 dpi. Alternatively, upload your image and then adjust the size to see the dpi change as you change the print size. Images with a resolution below 150dpi may be of poor quality.

What is the maximum print size that may be printed from my file?

Please enter your values into the calculator below:

Enter dimensions:

 Width in pixels
 Height in pixels
or file size:
* RGB, uncompromised
Image resolution Approximate print size


How large should my file be for my desired print size?

Please enter your values into the calculator below:

Desired size:

 Width in mm
 Height in mm
Image resolution Approximate file size

* RGB, uncompromised

Printing Techniques

When your file(s) have been uploaded, we will read the print size that is embedded within the file, and you will be provided with the “Original from file” width and height. You may choose to edit this print size, however, please be aware that you cannot change the images proportions and naturally, any edits to the prints size will result in a change in the images resolution.

You may also choose from a list of mounting and lamination options for your photo. Our system will automatically inform you if there are any conflicts with your desired selections. For more information please see our price list.


To place a border on your images, simply choose between “within format (%)”, (which does not effect the photos finished print size), or “outside format (mm)”.

If you should choose to apply a border outside your images format, you can control the final print size, which is optimal for situations such as eventual frame fitting, etc.

To reset your entered border values, simply choose the “no border” option, and start again.

You may easily control the colour of any border; white, black, or custom colours are all available. Customised colours may be applied by entering a hexadecimal RGB color code (i.e. #FFFFFF for white, or #000000 for black). Your custom coloured border will be color managed with the same colour profile as your image. For more info, please refer to “Colour Management”.


Prints for Aluminium, Dibond and MDF mounting should be oversized by 4mm in height and width prior to placing your order, to allow for the trimming that occurs during the mounting and finishing process.

“Not Available” Notification

If it is not possible for our system to match your desired print size based on your files characteristics, to any of our applicable printing devices, you will be presented with a “not available” warning. This may be the result of several issues:

To low DPI – your uploaded file does not contain enough information for the desired print size. Solution: Increase the number of pixels contained within your image by using a photo management program and upload your image again.

To high DPI – your uploaded file contains too much information for the desired print size. This boundary is provided so that our system will not be overwhelmed with unnecessary information. Solution: Decrease the number of pixels contained within your image and upload your image again.

Desired print size is to large – it is possible with our system to print very large photos, however every printer has its maximum limitations. Solution: Control the maximum photo size within the price list.

Colour Management

Please ensure that your files are saved as an RGB tif or jpeg with an embedded profile (e.g. Adobe 1998, sRGB IEC61966-2.1, etc.). The system will detect any embedded profile and will handle the colour management accordingly. For greatest accuracy we recommend using standard colour space such as Adobe ’98 or sRGB. For further information on colour management and profiles please click here.

Customers who wish to view and adjust their images using Spectrum’s soft proof profiles should download the appropriate profile from the Softproof profiles section of our website and profile their images before uploading. Supplied files must be rasterized and flattened, without alpha channels and in 8-bit colour.

Files must be created within a proven ICC managed colour workflow system (Spectrum has tight linearization tolerances, but is not responsible for client colour management). If there is any doubt about your colour management set up we would encourage you to run test files first.

Your files will enter a fully colour managed workflow and will be printed using our custom printer profiles.


You can either pay on collection or by telephone, but for the fastest service you can pay online using our secure payment options powered by SagePay. We accept all major cards except American express.

Price Calculation

For complete pricing information and examples, please refer to our Pricing page.

Delivery Costs & Times (add to Turnaround Times)

24 Hour Tracked (prints only) Guaranteed next working day (Signed for) £6.50
Courier* (mounted work) Next working day between 9am-5pm (Signed for) £15.00
EU Recorded Delivery Up to 5 working days (Signed for) £15.00
International Recorded Delivery Up to 10 working days (Signed for) £20.00
Note: All prices are + VAT. *Courier price based upon one 30KG package, for larger orders please call 01273 769 782 for further information.

Our post is collected at 2pm Monday-Friday so please ensure urgent orders are uploaded by 1pm to guarantee that they are posted out two working days later. Orders placed after this time will still be ready for collection after 48 hours, but will be collected by the postman the following day.

UK delivery is next day but this schedule will vary for more remote areas of the UK, as well as for offshore and international shipments. All items are thoroughly packaged to ensure they reach you in pristine condition.

Online Printing Turnaround Times

Our post is collected at 2pm Monday-Friday so please ensure urgent orders are uploaded by 1pm to guarantee that they are posted out two working days later. Orders placed after this time will still be ready for collection after 48 hours, but will be collected by the postman the following day.

Studio Printing Turnaround Times

The lead time is between 2 – 7 working days, dependent on the level of service needed.

Mounting Turnaround Times (add to Print Times)

Card, PVC & Foamboard Mounting  Up to 7 days in lab
MDF, Aluminium, Dibond, Durospec Perspex Reverse  Up to 10 days in lab

Tracking Your Delivery


Royal Mail Track & Trace – Use your 13 character reference to track your package here »


Courier – Enter your consignment number to track your parcel. Visit APC website »


Small prints are packed flat, and larger prints are rolled in a sturdy tube before being entrusted to the Royal Mail via your choice of 48 hour Tracked (2 working days) or 24 hour Tracked (1 working day) delivery. These delivery times do not include the printing lead time.

All mounted prints are painstakingly wrapped for courier using bubble wrap, our blue foam edging, large polystyrene corners to take the force off any knocks, and a corrugated cardboard box which is made to the exact size of your piece. It fits so well that many of our customers keep them to use when transporting again and again. We do have to charge for packaging as it takes us a while to hand make all these packages, but it’s worth it to know that your artwork will arrive safely, via our efficient couriers’ APC.

Delivery and Installation

Our commitment to a full service includes delivering your work, and assisting with installation where required. We are experienced in hanging large exhibitions and can work with your venue to ensure the safe installation. Please contact us for details.