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Imacon Scanning

Spectrum offer CCD scans on an Imacon X5 scanner, enabling us to offer scans in either 8 or 16-bit depth with a quality that can rival any drum scan. This scanner handles all film formats up to 5×4

Imacon X5 scanner | Spectrum Photographic

Film scanning

We recommend using the X5, particularly when scanning colour negatives, as it can give a smoother scan than achievable with a drum scanner.

16-bit scans allow for greater post scanning colour corrections than the 8-bit equivalent. File sizes are doubled due to the increased bit depth while the resolution remains the same. Please note files will need to be re-saved as 8 bit when submitting for print as output devices do not support 16-bit files.

We can accept the following film formats: 35mm, 120 (6×6, 6×7, 6×9 & 645) & 5×4.

Studio scans

This service includes the scan, a basic clean up and colour correction and includes discounted rates for additional scans. This service does not include excessive dust and scratch removal or selective colour corrections and the files supplied will require additional editing before printing.

Master scans

This service includes the scan, 15 minutes of clean up* and corrections to prepare your file for ready for printing and a small proof print on fine art paper for approval.


Give us a call on +44 (0)1273 708222 or email us at get a quotation.

Showing prices excl. VAT inc. VAT
Price per scan
File size
Max. Print size
Studio 1st
(excl. VAT)
Studio 2nd+
(excl. VAT)
(excl. VAT)
11-60 12 x 18 £11.50 £9.50 £30.50
61-120 24 x 20 £16.00 £12.50 £40.00
121-250 40 x 30 £20.00 £16.50 £45.00
251-400 60 x 48 £32.50 £29.50 £60.00

*Excessive dust/scratch removal, retouching or selective colour corrections will incur an additional cost which will be advised before work starts.