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Superstition Winner: Silas Dominey

On Friday 13th January and in association with Photograd, Spectrum announced an open call to recent graduates or current students for work exploring the theme ‘Superstition’. Silas’ work was submitted and ‘The Striding Place’ was selected as the winning entry by photographer Alexandra Lethbridge and Mariamma Attah, Programme Curator at Photoworks. Mariamma describes why ‘The Striding Place’ was chosen:

‘We were really impressed with the range of ideas and approaches in response to the theme of superstition. In particular, Silas Dominey’s series ‘The Striding Place’ was beautifully presented in its evocation of unease and disquiet in the landscape and its revisiting of long held childhood superstitions.’


The Striding Place

In the grounds of Bolton Priory there is a place called ‘The Strid’ where the full breadth of the River Wharf is turned sideways through an unmapped tangle of underwater caverns…

While beautiful, it has a macabre history. At the narrowest point the river appears just wide enough to cross at a leap. Many who have tried slip and fall to their deaths. Years of erosion have channelled out an underwater tomb below. The bodies of the drowned rarely surface. These photos are about this place and the unique qualities that make it so dangerous and alluring.

This work was produced in the winter of 2016/17 as part of the Experimental Practice module on Brighton University’s MA Photography programme.

Silas will now receive twenty A3 portfolio C-type prints, a dedicated blog on Photograd, an interview about his work with Mariamma Attah and a showcase on Photoworks.



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