Unheard Voices

Unheard Voices at the In Between Gallery

The latest exhibition at In Between Gallery, Fabrica, is Unheard Voices by Alan Compton.

Part of a series produced by Compton for Africa Advocacy Foundation it  highlights healthcare inequalities facing migrant communities in the UK.

In Between Gallery is a temporary gallery in the Fabrica window showcasing contemporary photography.

Promise versus reality

Unheard Voices was inspired by the Windrush Generation.

Compton uses this inspiration as a symbolic reference for both the promise and reality of immigration.

Speaking to Spectrum Photographic about the project earlier this year, Compton said: “I did a couple of casual portrait shoots but I wasn’t loving the images I was getting.

“I realised I needed to take a more conceptual approach to capture the beauty of this community in a way that represented the journey they’d all been through.

“The literal journey that took them from Africa to the UK as well as the mental and emotional journeys they’d gone through such as their AIDS diagnosis, mental health issues and FGM.

“I was inspired by images that depicted the Windrush generation arriving in the UK and what that represented – the hope for a new beginning, the excitement of discovering a new world, contrasted with so many darker realities.”

Unheard Voices

One image from Compton’s Unheard Voices will be on show at In Between Gallery until March, 2019.

Spectrum Photographic is the print sponsor. Read our full interview with Compton here.

Alan Compton is a photographer and filmmaker from the UK. He works exclusively with NGOs.

Between commissioned work he also takes on pro-bono projects with grassroots organisations.

Find out more about his work at alancompton.co.uk.

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