Three of Elena Subach's photographs combining textiles and photography

Unseen Amsterdam 2019 Highlights

Unseen Amsterdam has once again showcased the latest contemporary photography.

This year’s edition of the avant garde photo art fair featured 140 exhibitors from 53 galleries around the world.

Here are just some of our highlights.

Kim Boske's work at Unseen Amsterdam
Kim Boske, Flatland Gallery

Kim Boske, Flatland Gallery

The multiple layers in Kim Boske’s photographic images seem to be holding, merging and intertwining different moments in time, revealing a hallucinating phenomenon.

Unseen Amsterdam was the first chance to view her unique impressions from the waterfall Amagoi no taki.

These liquid narratives are printed on handmade Washi paper which Boske dyed in natural indigo at the Awagami factory in Kamiyama.

Flatland is an internationally-acclaimed contemporary art gallery in Amsterdam.

Twisted blue fabric is held in place by threads in Adam Jeppesen's work
Adam Jeppesen, Black Box Projects

Adam Jeppesen, Black Box Projects

Works by Adam Jeppesen are the result of a solitary 487-day journey from the North Pole to Antarctica.

Tranquillity, reflection and contemplation suffuse images of remote, rugged landscapes.

An important aspect of Jeppesen’s work is his analogue and labour-intensive approach.

His photographs are the product of physical challenge and experimental printing techniques.

Black Box Projects specialises in contemporary photography and contemporary art created using photographic materials.

The work of Inka and Niclas at Unseen Amsterdam
Inka and Niclas, Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

Inka and Niclas, Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

Award-winning duo Inka and Niclas work primarily with photography-based art.

Their 4K ULTRA HD series explores how we visually consume landscapes through a lens and screen.

The title refers to a term used in the display industry to illustrate that screens have a true-to-life picture quality.

In this context, the viewer experiences the natural phenomena happening on screen or in the image as if it was a real-life experience.

Dorothée Nilsson Gallery has an international portfolio with a focus on the new generation of photography-based artists.

The work of Douglas Mandry, presented by Bildhalle gallery
Douglas Mandry, Bildhalle

Douglas Mandry, Bildhalle

The idea of transformation is central to Douglas Mandry’s work.

He aims to create a link between past and present by using photography illusions.

Through the use of the traditional technique of photographic colourisation he enhances the realism of black and white photographs.

But unlike the original purpose of this technique, he uses it to abstract the photographs instead.

Bildhalle deliberately takes on the responsibility of a long-standing Swiss tradition regarding photography through an interplay between established photographers and a younger generation pushing the medium.

Simon Roberts' work on display at Unseen Amsterdam
Simon Roberts, Galerie Heinzer Reszler

Simon Roberts, Galerie Heinzer Reszler

The work of Simon Roberts deals with our relationship to landscape and notions of identity and belonging.

His Weeds & Wilderness series searches for ancient wooded sites that depict a primordial, Edenic state.

He explores the integral role trees have played in our existence since the beginning of human history.

Galerie Heinzer Reszler represents mainly emerging and mid-career artists with a bias towards demanding experimental choices.

Spectrum Photographic produced Roberts’ Giclée print for Unseen Amsterdam 2019.

Works by Christto & Andrew on display at Unseen Amsterdam
Christto & Andrew, METRONOM

Duo Christto & Andrew explore the potential for objective beauty through the increased awareness of ordinary characters and objects.

Although they live and work in Doha, Qatar, they are not natives of the country.

This ‘expatriate’ status has fed their curiosity into the unexpected changes in economical, social, cultural spheres of the city and their adoptive country.

Their work explores the concept of identity and the impact of globalisation in a transitional context.

METRONOM is mainly devoted to photography and video. Since its inception it has hosted exhibitions of both Italian and international artists, with a particular focus on young talents.

Lucie Khahoutian's work on display at Unseen Amsterdam
Lucie Khahoutian, Gayané, Woven Matters

Woven Matters

Woven Matters is a group exhibition exploring the use of textiles in photography.

Artists investigate the contrast between the tactility of materials and the two-dimensionality of photographic images.

The exhibition consists of two parts. The first is the result of a recent collaboration between Unseen and LagosPhoto.

It creates a dialogue between the work of Joana Choumali and Zohra Opoku.

Both artists use textiles as a way to shape not only their personal story but also Africa and the African diaspora in their work.

Part two presents a group of emerging artists who use textiles and photography in relation to the themes of identity and heritage.

Elena Subach’s Grandmothers on the Edge of Heaven portrays the life of Ukrainian grandmothers seeking solace in religion amidst feelings of disassociation with the younger generation.

The colours and fabric, particularly the headscarves seen in some images, indicate their religious identities.

Lucie Khahoutian’s work connects traditional, symbolic and religious imagery with artefacts and modern aesthetic.

She reflects upon her Armenian homeland’s transition from traditional conservative country to one more influenced by other cultural encounters.

Main image: Elena Subach, Grandmothers on the Edge of Heaven, part of the Woven Matters exhibition.

A video installation by Tabita Rezaire at Unseen Amsterdam
Vortex of Infinity, Tabita Rezaire

Tabita Rezaire: Vortex of Infinity

Marina Paulenka, artistic director of Unseen, compiled Vortex of Infinity.

The exhibition consists of three video installations by Tabita Rezaire.

Deep Down Tidal investigates the power of water as an intermediary between information and communication.

Satellite Devotion is a call to join you to the rhythm of the moon.

Ultra Law – Recapitulation scrutinises a Western tendency to think in opposition. Male or female, good or bad, light or dark, strong or weak.

Rezaire’s work considers organic, electronic and spiritual network sciences as healing technologies.

Find out more about Unseen Amsterdam here.

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