A child with an orange face and green hat stands among long grass. Verzasca Foto Festival

Verzasca Foto Festival 2019

Verzasca Foto Festival has returned to Switzerland with a stunning programme of outdoor exhibitions.

The festival aims to promote emerging international photographers and to support visual arts in Southern Switzerland.

Its outdoor exhibitions offer a connection and dialogue with nature, giving access to different forms of expression and ways of visual storytelling.

The four-day programme includes open-air exhibitions, photo nights with live music, presentations, meetings and workshops.

Main activities take place in Sonogno, a small alpine village of stone houses surrounded by wild nature.

Here, local and international photographers have the opportunity to get together and share their visions and ideas in an informal environment.

A woman looks up at a portrait mounted high on a rock face. Verzasca Foto Festival
EXHIBITIONS VERZASCA FOTO Bego Anton (Ph Argui Escandon)

A crossroads for the path we walk

The sixth edition of Verzasca Foto Festival is dedicated to people in movement.

Organisers hope it will become a place of interaction and integration where stories can be shared.

To walk is to fulfil a need, to have fun, to reflect and to observe.

Sometimes you’re going somewhere, sometimes you’re going nowhere.

Walking has two dynamisms. The first – physical – allows humans to move and explore.

The second – meta-physical – brings them to a dimension of reflection and contemplation about space and time.

Walking can be enjoyable and liberating or it can be necessary and vital.

Along the way you might meet a vast array of people and places, each and every one of them with their own store of knowledge, emotions and beauty.

This year, Verzasca Foto Festival aims to act as a crossroads for all the paths we’ve walked on, are walking on and will walk on in the future.

Other than its blacktop road, the Valle Verzasca also has a lot of known paths as well as still unexplored ones.

Visitors are invited to walk along these paths, following their own rhythm, sensibility and curiosity.

A portrait of a man is shown in the window of a stone cabin surrounded by snow. Verzasca Foto Festival

Verzasca Foto Festival

Verzasca Foto Festival – edition VI, September 5 to 8, Sonogno, Valle Verzasca, Switzerland.

For more information and a full programme visit www.verzascafoto.com.


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