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Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition

This February the Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition opened once again at York Art Gallery, showcasing 21 esteemed artists from across the world. Described as chroniclers of our times, the artworks within this year’s exhibition cover a vast range of media, from drawing to large-scale sculpture to digital media.

This year’s presentation of The Aesthetica Art Prize brings together global luminaries in an exhibition that directly confronts life in the 21st century, from beautiful universal human moments to a lack of regulation of internet culture and the destruction of our planet’s oceans. The 2024 nominees prompt viewers to consider important questions about the evolving relationship between humans and the natural world, the fluidity of medium, and the power of claiming identity. Featured artists include the Sony World Photographer of the Year, Edgar Martins, Heather Agyepong, Foam Talent and Jerwood winner, Yevhen Samuchenko recommended by CNN. Many of the artists featured, blur the boundaries between digital and analogue media, prompting viewers to think about the overlap between different types of artworks.

“The pieces on display are timely, immediate and necessary.” 

Cherie Federico, Director of the Art Prize

A significant amount of the works on show draw attention to issues such as the climate crisis, the impact of technology, colonial legacies and inequality. These works are active rather than passive, and, together, they create a dialogue that defies existing paradigms and contributes to the progression of the human story. These artists will influence generations to come.

‘The exhibition is a testament to shared creativity in a time of rapid change’

– York Art Gallery

Exhibition view of lighboxes
Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition York Art Gallery 2024. ‘Don’t Be a Square’ (2021-23) Margaux Walter. Credit Charlotte Graham Photography.

Spectrum Photographic were once again delighted to be official print partner for the long running, annual showcase, producing C-type prints mounted to MDF as well as Duratrans prints.

The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition runs until 21 April 2024 at York Art Gallery, entry to the exhibition can be booked in advance on the York Art Gallery website.