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AUB Spectrum Photographic Prize winner announced

Meet the winner of the first AUB Spectrum Photographic Prize.

Work by Anna Luk, winner of the AUB Spectrum Photographic Prize
© Anna Luk

A Bournemouth photography student has won the first AUB Spectrum Photographic Prize.

Anna Luk won a £200 printing credit based on her final-year online show.

Run in conjunction with Arts University Bournemouth, the prize celebrates emerging photographers.

“We selected Anna’s work due to her play on the idea of photography being essentially a two-dimensional medium,” said Spectrum co-director Hazel Watts.

“The imagery and sculptural elements combine to make a very strong body of work.

“Anna’s commitment to her photographic practice is evident through her website, social media platform and the collective she is part of.

“A very worthy winner and one to watch.”

Anna said: “I’m so grateful to Spectrum for this amazing opportunity and I think the support they are giving recent graduates is wonderful.

“It’s such an honour to be awarded this prize. I can’t wait to print with Spectrum.”

Work by Anna Luk, winner of the AUB Spectrum Photographic Prize
Held by the Hand © Anna Luk

Recording physical actions

Anna’s practice explores the ontology of photography.

She pursues qualities typically tethered to painting and sculpture.

Anna works with the materiality and the ability of the medium to not only depict an external subject but also record the physical actions exerted on it.

Each photograph is created in the darkroom using camera-less processes.

This distils the medium down to its fundamental elements of light, time and light-sensitivity.

Using a handmade ‘negative’, Anna combines the gestural-mark-making capabilities of painting with photography.

This creates a unique perspective recognising the material qualities of each image rather than perceiving photography as a solely two-dimensional medium.

Click here to view Anna’s online show.

Work by Anna Luk, winner of the AUB Spectrum Photographic Prize
© Anna Luk

AUB Spectrum Photographic Prize

The AUB Spectrum Photographic Prize is a partnership with Arts University Bournemouth.

It is open to graduating BA photography students.

The winning entry receives £200 printing credit and the opportunity to benefit from Spectrum’s expertise and experience.

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