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CROP – a new photographic exhibition series at MOTEL

Tickets are now available for a private view of CROP, a new exhibition series at MOTEL.

John Wright's image of a woman standing in a wood panelled room holding a gun appears in CROP a new photographic exhibition series
A Place For Anything © John Wright

MOTEL is kicking off a new photographic series – CROP – on May 5.

The CROP series is part of a new partnership between Spectrum Photographic, MOTEL, Crane Kalman Brighton and 123 Lighting.

The first series will feature work by Ilka & Franz, John Wright, Kyle Sparre, Dash Pears and Alan Powdrill.

Spectrum Photographic director Klair Bird said: “At Spectrum we are passionate about supporting independent photographic venues and talented artists.

CROP brings together photographers and creatives to create an artistic community in the heart of East London.”

MOTEL founder John Wright said: “It is fantastic to be working with Spectrum as print partner on our new series of exhibitions.

“Their brand is synonymous with excellence in art printing and it is encouraging to share with them our joint goal in creating a vibrant, socially engaged community around art photography.”

Kylli Sparre's work apppears in CROP
Family Portrait © Kylli Sparre

Meet the artists

Ilka & Franz are a photo and director duo based in London.

Their work blurs the lines between disciplines as they apply their aesthetic and humour to still life, portraiture and film.

While their unmistakable use of colour is vibrant and bold, their conceptual undertones are often subtle and of child-like naivety.

John Wright is the founder of MOTEL. His work is held in the permanent collection of The National Portrait Gallery.

Wright’s work aims to entertain, challenge, reward and delight.

Kylli Sparre is based in Tallinn, Estonia.

She desires to look beneath the surface, hear the unsaid words and study the relationships between people and their surroundings.

Her background in dance often influences her images.

Dasha Pears is an award-winning artist, based in Helsinki.

Her uncanny, laconic and aesthetically clean art pieces are focused on portraying what might be going on in our inner worlds.

Alan Powdrill likes to get very hands on with all projects.

Whether he’s shooting moving image, stills, personal work, commissions or exhibiting he hopes to make people think and smile.

A night-time shot of a neon motel sign
Gateway Motel © Alan Powdrill

CROP exhibition details

CROP is on at Motel Studios, London, from 6pm on Thursday, May 5.

There will be a free bar and networking opportunities.

Tickets must be booked in advance. Click here to book.

The CROP Photographic Art series is in association with 123 Lighting, Crane Kalman Brighton and Spectrum Photographic.