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Crowdfunding campaign for cyanotype lockdown project

Find out how Lina Ivanova used cyanotype paper during lockdown to create an immersive experience for photographic students.

One of the cyanotype projects Lina Ivanova hopes to include in a new photo book.
© Luke Meyer-Eland

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to turn a lockdown cyanotype project into a photo book, installation and online archive.

Lina Ivanova started the project in spring 2020.

Ivanova is a London-based artist and co-founder of Revolv Collective.

As colleges and universities closed, she began sending cyanotype paper and instructions to her students and fellow artists.

The photographic process became a tool for communication, exchange and a shared experience during lockdown.

“The immense disruptions to how we teach, learn, communicate and live, triggered me to consider how I can stay in touch with my students and provide an interactive learning experience to them,” says Ivanova.

Georgia Clemson's cyanotype project
© Georgia Clemson

A new approach to teaching and inspiration

Now Ivanova would like to commemorate this challenging period of time by producing a number of outputs revealing the students’ work.

She wants to produce a photo book, website and installation on the outside of the Atkins Block at Graveney School.

All participants in the book will receive a free copy.

Ivanova would also like to deliver a digital and physical launch, alongside the permanent online archive.

The project has several key aims:

  • Teach, engage and inform a wide range of participants and audience members of an alternative photographic process.
  • Raise awareness of a non-screen based photography medium.
  • Develop a new approach to how we teach and inspire during a pandemic with limited access to materials.
  • Influence the local community and those involved with the project in a time of stagnant life.
  • Unite a diverse group of people from different age groups, backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Democratise the arts by creating opportunities for young people.

Ivanova will continue to send cyanotype paper to new students.

Work created after the book is published will become part of the online archive.

Lara, year 8, working on her cyanotype project
Lara, year 8, working on her cyanotype project, courtesy of Lina Ivanova

Supporting the cyanotype project

Ivanova is in the process of applying for Arts Councils funding.

Graveney School has also offered a contribution towards the overall costs.

However, small donations would be of huge help in driving this project forward.

To donate, visit the JustGiving page.