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F O R M by Revolv Collective

Painting, moving image and sculpture are merged with photography in new group exhibition F O R M.

Work by Ibrahim Azab, part of the F O R M exhibition
F0PDTMM_#37 © Ibrahim Azab

F O R M, a group exhibition of new works and programme of public events by Revolv Collective, is on at Seen Fifteen now.

Revolv is a collective of emerging artists with a shared interest in boundary-pushing photographic practice.

It includes Ibrahim Azab, Lucas Gabellini-Fava, Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova.

F O R M presents an expanded view of photography, bringing together works that cross discipline and merge photography with painting, moving image and sculpture.

All four artists are exhibiting new works exploring existing and imagined spaces, surfaces, archives and sites of historical interest.

F O R M sets out to challenge the traditional language of photography – a ‘medium that seeks to represent yet consistently fails to do so’.

It aims to create a visual discourse around the role of the photographic in contemporary culture.

Krasimira Butseva's A forensic examination, part of F O R M
A forensic examination © Krasimira Butseva

The artists

Ibrahim Azab is a London based artist, exploring language, sculpture and performance within photography.

Focusing on the image itself, he considers the photograph as an object which communicates through a visceral and physical process, highlighting the act of seeing and the subconscious.

Significantly, Azab’s work surrounds the subject of failure within photographic realism, playfully surfacing a phenomenological understanding of perspective, material and immaterial.

Lina Ivanova is an artist based in London working with photography, sculpture and moving image.

Often based on autobiographical experience of migration, her practice explores narratives of displacement.

Found objects, public and private archival material inform her investigation into the relationship between background, class and status.

Krasimira Butseva is a visual artist, researcher and writer born in Bulgaria and based in England.

Krasimira is an associate lecturer in BA Photography at the University of the Arts London LCC and a co-editor of EEP Berlin magazine.

Lucas Gabellini-Fava is a London based artist, who uses personal and found photography, camera-less techniques, alternative printing processes, video and text.

In recent works, he entangles elements of technology with memory, agony and satire, creating digital and physical installations.


F O R M by Revolv Collective is on at Seen Fifteen until February 23.

The exhibition is accompanied by a programme of public events:

Tuesday, February 18, 4pm-6pm, The Thousand Gardens, a photographic reading and writing workshop with Victoria Doyle.

Friday, February 21, 1pm-5pm, Replay + Reinvent, a zine-making workshop.

Saturday, February 22, 10.30am-1pm, Cyanotype, a cyanotype workshop with Hannah Fletcher.

Saturday, February 22, 2pm-5pm, Soil Chromatography 2, a light sensitive soil chromatography workshop with Hannah Fletcher.

For more information and to book tickets click here.