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Impressions Gallery goes digital

Impressions Gallery offers online resources and activities during lockdown.

Poster for the #MassIsolationIG project supported by Impressions Gallery

Impressions Gallery is keeping its community together digitally during the current lockdown.

While the gallery has had to close its doors to the public, it is still offering resources and activities online.

The team hopes they will offer distraction and inspire creativity in these difficult times.


Pippa Oldfield, head of programme at Impressions Gallery, says there has been ‘a great response’ to the #MassIsolationIG Instagram project.

Started by the Gallery of Photography Ireland, the collective project invites people to share their experiences of the coronavirus outbreak.

Inspired by the Mass Observation movement of 1937, it aims to show what daily life is like in the midst of this worldwide crisis.

Two people sit outside a bungalow, courtesy of Impressions Gallery
MassIsolationIG © Evie Scarborough

Impressions archive

On the website, Impressions has a growing archive of resources.

They include artist talks, interviews, videos, exhibition guides and more.

On Instagram, the gallery is launching a new project, #ArchiveGems

With almost 50 years of history, the gallery’s archive is packed with artworks, behind-the-scenes photos, retro graphic design, and ephemera from seminal exhibitions.

Over the coming weeks, director Anne McNeill will be digitally rummaging for photographic treasures to reveal hidden gems.

Kanwal Hussain reimagines her mother’s wedding day, part of the Forget-Me-Not project at Impressions Gallery
Kanwal Hussain reimagines her mother’s wedding day by dressing in the sari her mother was married in, part of the Forget-Me-Not project

Digital artworks

Now is the perfect time to enjoy digital artworks and artist films.

River Stories by Yan Wang Preston invites you to journey with the artist along China’s Yangtze River from source to sea, in a 12-part video odyssey.

Take solace in Chloe Dewe Mathews’ exhibition In Search of Frankenstein, in which Chloe investigates the 1818 Year Without Summer.

This climactic catastrophe confined Mary Shelley indoors, and cabin fever proved the spark for her ground-breaking novel Frankenstein.

A photo of Sarah Aherne’s grandfather with a family heirloom watch, part of the Forget-Me-Not project at Impressions Gallery
Sarah Aherne’s grandfather with family heirloom watch, part of the Forget-Me-Not project

New Focus

Impressions Gallery’s young people’s collective, New Focus, is as busy as ever.

Their latest project, Forget-Me-Not, shares inter-generational and cross-cultural stories from Bradford, inspired by Arpita Shah’s exhibition Nalini.

Words, objects and portraits are woven together, reconnecting family and loved ones across time and space – a message that is more poignant than ever right now.

Keep up to date with Impressions Gallery

Impressions Gallery will be continuing to develop new content and online events in the coming weeks.

To see the latest events visit and follow the gallery on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.