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ISSUE .07 – supporting emerging photographers

Find out more about the support offered by Issue .07 – a true passion project.

Sine Zheng, Window, courtesy of ISSUE .07
Sine Zheng, Window, 2020

A new initiative is offering free advice to emerging photographers. ISSUE .07 provides a wide range of support – from CV development to zine publication.

Founded by Sofia Bellisomo, Dominique Ciccolella, Greta Meregalli and Costanza Nizzi, ISSUE .07 is a true passion project.

The group met while studying for their MA in art business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Earlier this year they were asked to curate an e-magazine for the Photo London Fair which was unable to hold its usual physical event due to COVID-19.

The edition was a hit and highlighted a need for advice specifically aimed at emerging photographers.

In May, the group decided to start their own project and ISSUE .07 was born.

Sameer Tawde, Dialogues of an introvert #11, courtesy of ISSUE.07
Sameer Tawde, Dialogues of an introvert #11, 2017

Tailored support

This summer, ISSUE .07 held an open call for emerging photographers on social media which elicited a huge response.

At the same time as handing in their dissertations, Sofia, Dominique, Greta and Costanza began sorting through the applications.

The project is open to any type of photographer but a desire to make photography into a career is key.

“We allow any type of topic to be included, from fashion to documentary to landscape,” says Sofia.

“We try to understand if it is a passion or if it is something that they want to pursue as a profession.”

After selecting the photographers, the team began tailoring their support to each of their individual needs.

“For each photographer we ask them what their objectives are in general,” says Sofia.

“We ask them what are their expectations and what are their needs.”

The team then decides what advisory sessions should focus on.

“It might be submissions advice or reviews,” says Sofia.

“If their exposure needs to be improved we will try to find collaborations.

“It all depends on what their requirements are. Because we cover different themes and styles each of them has different needs.”

Philip Butler's Monks Lane Electric Filling Station, courtesy of ISSUE.07
Philip Butler, Monks Lane Electric Filling Station, Newbury, 2019

International reach

ISSUE .07 has already published the work of around 15 photographers.

It has become a truly international project with artists from Africa, Australia and China included.

The team is also working behind the scenes with others who need a little more time to refine their CVs or portfolios.

Of course, COVID-19 has had an impact on the project.

Initially, ISSUE .07 was hoping to hold a physical exhibition of its artists’ work early next year.

That is now on hold.

However, the group is finding other ways to support the photographers it works with.

Dominique recently worked with photographer Lucy Shortman to produce a zine of her work.

Vanzaloke, Papaya king, courtesy of ISSUE.07
Vanzaloke, Papaya king: mon royaume pour une papaye, 2020

The future of ISSUE .07

So what is next for ISSUE .07?

With a new website set to launch in the coming weeks, the team is hoping to increase its exposure and help even more artists.

“We definitely want to expand our market in terms of the photographers we are helping,” says Costanza.

“We are trying to rethink our formats. In the beginning we were imagining a physical exhibition and auctions but that isn’t possible at the moment.

“We definitely want to build awareness and expand the project.”

The team are also looking at their own careers in art business, while continuing with their support for emerging photographers.

All of the support offered by ISSUE .07 is free.

Applications are still open. Follow @issue.07 on Instagram for details of how to apply and updates on the new website.

ISSUE .07 also took over Spectrum Photographic’s Instagram last week. Follow @spectrumlab to see what they were up to.