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Prints raise funds for NHS Charities Together

Photographer James Perolls has sold prints to raise funds for NHS Charities Together.

One of the prints sold to raise money for NHS Charities Together
Sunnyside – Elephant in the room © James Perolls

A fundraising print sale has raised funds for NHS Charities Together.

Photographer James Perolls sold a selection of his prints with 100 per cent of the profits going to the charity.

“Watching the news each day whilst sitting safe in isolation and seeing the incredible work our doctors and nurses are doing through these horrendous circumstances, I wanted to do what I could to raise some money to help our NHS staff and hospitals,” says James.

Spectrum Photographic produced eight C-type matt prints for charity sale.

All editions have now sold.

Chronicles, one of the images sold to raise money for NHS Charities Together
Chronicles- Volume I, Chapter II, The Imperfect Creations © James Perolls

NHS Charities Together

NHS Charities Together is a collective of more than 250 charities across the UK, focusing on helping our hospitals do more.

It has launched an urgent appeal to provide essential support for NHS staff, patients and volunteers impacted by COVID-19.

The money raised is funding grants to provide support above and beyond what NHS funding can ordinarily provide.

This includes wellbeing packs, rest and recuperation rooms, costs associated with travel, parking, accommodation and volunteer expenses.

The funds will also support vital care partnerships and the longer-term mental health recovery of staff and families.

Four people stand on a cloud
The Cloud © James Perolls

James Perolls

James Perolls is a self-taught photographer from Brighton.

Having collaborated with the likes of Vogue Italia, Gucci and Valentino his most recent works have focused around fictional narratives in a world of intriguing and peculiar characters.

Mystery, beautiful landscapes, playfulness and a sense of journey are common themes.

James recently released his first book, Sunnyside, a story about the strained relationship of two sisters following the sudden loss of their parents.

Juxtaposing warm and playful images with a darker undercurrent, his work combines fashion and narrative-led stories with a unique approach.

James has taken over Spectrum’s Instagram account this week.

To see more of his work visit and