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No Country For Young Men Photography Exhibition

No Country For Young Men Photography Exhibition:  A new exhibition of works by the Northern Irish artist Martin Seeds is on at Seen Fifteen, Peckham, now.

Exhibition view, No Country For Young Men in London.
Installation shot: No Country For Young Men by Martin Seeds © Deniz Guzel

The No Country For Young Men Photography Exhibition marks the beginning of a long-term curatorial project at the gallery.

The Troubles Generation will unfold in chapters over the next year.

Seeds dedicates his artistic practice to an ongoing examination of Northern Irish identity, politics and place.

He employs differing modes of experimentation as a means of encouraging us to reconsider the image and look again.

No Country For Young Men looks back, via appropriation, at a series of found portraits in a 1965 Belfast school yearbook.

At the time, political tensions were rising ahead of the start of The Troubles.

Seeds’ act of appropriation places these 1960s school portraits into our current moment.

He asks us to consider how individual lives were affected by a backdrop of violent conflict. A conflict that would last for 30 years.


Martin Seeds: The Troubles Generation Photography Exhibition

The No Country For Young Men Photography Exhibition is the first in a series of exhibitions and events – The Troubles Generation.

The project looks ahead to a significant moment in UK and Irish history – the 2023 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

It seeks to examine the legacy of The Troubles from the viewpoint of artists with lived experience of growing up during the conflict.

The Troubles Generation will take a phased approach to developing photographic projects and new writing.

The ultimate ambition is to create a large-scale touring exhibition in 2023.


Martin Seeds

Martin Seeds is a photographer and educator, originally from Belfast.

His practice is shaped by his relationship with his Northern Irish homeland.

Underlying themes of personal narratives, politics, conflict, diaspora and myth carry throughout his work.

Seeds experiments with combinations of analogue and digital imaging technologies.

This draws attention to the conflicting experiences of identity, history and culture.

Seeds was nominated for the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2020 for his Violence Religion Injustice Death exhibition at Seen Fifteen in 2019.


Photography Exhibitions at Seen Fifteen

Seen Fifteen is an independent emerging gallery and project space in Peckham, South East London.

Its artistic programme champions contemporary photography.

The programme has a focus on emerging, diverse and experimental artists who expand the boundaries of the medium.

Seen Fifteen has hosted a number of photography exhibitions for widely acclaimed first UK solo shows for break-through artists including Laura El-Tantawy, Jan McCullough, Maya Rochat and Martin Seeds.

No Country For Young Men Exhibition information

No Country For Young Men Exhibition is on until November 21.

Exhibition Printing

Spectrum Photographic produced photographic 14 Giclée prints for the exhibition.