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Peckham 24 returns to Photo London week with a theme of FACT, FICTION, FANTASY.

Peckham 24 is back this weekend with a theme of FACT, FICTION, FANTASY.

The sixth edition of the contemporary photography festival runs from May 13-15.

Championing new voices in contemporary photography, the free festival is on at Copeland Park and The Bussey Building in South East London.

It is firmly established as a must-see part of the annual programme of events celebrating photography city-wide during Photo London.

Rake Collective Exhibition, London
Rake Collective Exhibition, Peckham 24


This year’s artistic programme presents a dialogue on photography’s relationship to truth, investigation and imagination.

It features the work of artists blurring the lines between the real, fictional and fantastical.

Projects explore a dynamic interplay between the three words, FACT, FICTION, FANTASY, through a range of themes.

Lucia Pizzani uses surrealism, Elena Helfrecht magic and superstition. Aishwarya Arumbakkam myth and identity, Alix Marie and Ruth Beraha image culture and Rohit Saha sinister governmental forces.

Artistic director and co-founder Vivienne Gamble said: “The sixth edition continues our mission to shine a spotlight on some of the most exciting artists working with photography today.

“Since its launch in 2016, Peckham 24 has carved out a special niche in Photo London Week with our late Friday opening night welcoming everyone from the artistic community and beyond to share in a celebration of what contemporary photography has to offer in this dynamic corner of South London.”

Peckham 24 Open Call winners announced

Selected from a record number of entries, the winners of this year’s Open Call are RAKE Collective and Gisela Torres.

Both join the programme of exhibiting artists at Copeland Gallery.

RAKE Collective presents, Police State, a new body of work interrogating the systems of control put in place by the UK government in the name of order and security.

Gisela Torres presents, Looking For Edmonia (Self Portrait), an imagined dialogue with the 19th century American neo-classicist sculptress, Mary Edmonia Lewis.

Lewis was the first woman of afro and native American heritage to achieve recognition in the fine arts world.

Aishwarya Arumbakkam exhibition, London
Aishwarya Arumbakkam, Peckham 24

About Peckham 24

Peckham 24 is a not-for-profit festival established in 2016 by curator Vivienne Gamble and artist Jo Dennis.

With a focus on supporting new talent and experimental artists working with photography, the festival creates a vibrant takeover of a number of warehouse and gallery spaces in the heart of Peckham’s artistic scene.

Two new partnerships have seen Peckham 24 extend its presence this year.

The South London Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition for Aishwarya Arumbakkam in the Fire Station galleries.

Biblioteka, a new independent reference library and social space, will host an intimate book fair of photographic publishers.

Spectrum Photographic is the print partner for Peckham 24.

Click here for the full programme.