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Photoworks Masterclass programme announced

The Photoworks Winter School for 2022, offering an insight into contemporary photography, launches on January 19.

A gif displaying work from Photoworks Masterclass lecturers

The new Photoworks Masterclass series on contemporary photography begins on January 19.

Winter School, delivered by industry experts, is a chance to learn more about contemporary photography.

Photoworks Masterclasses are curated around its upcoming artistic programme.

They are an opportunity to hear first hand from educators, curators, artists and cultural practitioners making exciting work within the photography sector.

The Winter School opens on January 19 and will host four two-hour online classes every Wednesday evening.

Lecturers for the masterclasses are: Hoda Afshar, Prof Ben Burbridge, Natasha Caruana and Zora J Murff.

A poster for the Photoworks Masterclasses featuring work by Zora J Murff
Photoworks Masterclass poster, main image: © Zora J Murff, All our eclipses bright (Vivian Strong), from the At No Point in Between series, 2019. Courtesy the artist and Webber Gallery, London

Breaking the Inner Rim

The first session, from 5.30pm on January 19, is Breaking the Inner Rim: Images and Protests against Anti-Blackness.

Led by Zora J Murff, the lecture and discussion will explore how images can fluctuate between being an object of harm and liberation based on the context in which they are used and understood.

Using images of and about violence as the primary site of investigation, learners will consider how this paradox developed.

They will discuss how that duality manifests socially in images across time and how artists use this relationship as a form of protest.

Poster for Photoworks Masterclasses featuring work by Dr Ben Burbridge
Photoworks Masterclass poster, main image: Screen capture of video by SONE on Getty Images

Comply and/or Resist

Comply and/or Resist: Photography After Capitalism is led by Prof Ben Burbridge.

It takes place on January 26 from 5.30pm.

This session will focus on the politics and economics of contemporary photographic culture as the site for, and object of, protest.

Examples are drawn from recent art practices that take the politics and economics of photography as a central focus, paying particular attention to works exploring photography as labour.

The session will deal with creative practices that harness aspects of performance, film-making, participation and installation to examine the making, circulation and consumption of photography.

A poster promoting Photoworks Masterclasses featuring work by Natasha Caruana
Photoworks Masterclass poster, main image: © Natasha Caruana, Fairytale for Sale, 2011-13

Personal Stories as a Site for Protest

Personal Stories as a Site for Protest, led by Natasha Caruana, takes place from 5.30pm on February 2.

This session will consider the acts of protests that can take place as we live, love, and perform the everyday.

It will explore the acts of resistance that can manifest from personal and autobiographical stories.

Caruana will question how the passing of time can reframe a body of work, explore humour as a form of resistance, and highlight the importance of the personal as it pertains to political image making.

A poster promoting the Photoworks Masterclasses featuring work by Hoda Afshar
Photoworks Masterclass poster, main image: © Hoda Afshar, from the series Behold, 2015. Courtesy of the artist

On Making and Unmaking the World Through Images

The final Photoworks Masterclass of the Winter School will be led by Hoda Afshar from 7pm on February 9.

On Making and Unmaking the World Through Images will see Afshar provide insights into her visual practice.

She combines new and traditional photographic techniques and approaches as she works across still and moving image.

Afshar will discuss three of her recent projects – Behold (2016), Remain (2018), and Agonistes (2020).

In all three her lens acts as a protagonist.

Afshar explores spaces and situations rendered invisible by oppressive law enforcement and systematic violence.

She will explain why and how she navigates these spaces to make visible and heard lives and stories that have been largely hidden and silenced.

Photoworks Masterclass

Prices for the Photoworks Masterclasses range from £10 for individual sessions to a £35 bundle.

All attendees will have access to an online class and handout created by the lecturer.

Additional benefits are available for bundle tickets.

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