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Spectrum backs #LeaveNoTraceBrighton

#LeaveNoTraceBrighton aims to help keep city’s parks and beaches clear of litter as lockdown eases.


Spectrum Photographic is proud to support the #LeaveNoTraceBrighton campaign.

Visual creative Coral Evans launched the campaign in response to an increase in rubbish left on the city’s beaches and green spaces as lockdown eased.

The campaign aims to deliver a clear and concise message to visitors and residents to dispose of rubbish properly.

It has already received support from other residents and businesses in the city.

“Every aspect of this campaign, from design to implementation has been created voluntarily by members of the community, born from a real worry about the impact both visitor and resident rubbish is having on our immediate environment,” said Evans.

Spectrum Photographic has produced 10 A3 and 10 A2 recyclable poster paper for businesses supporting the campaign to display.


Respect our Place, Leave No Trace

The #LeaveNoTraceBrighton slogan is Respect our Place, Leave No Trace.

The focus of the campaign is community based action in the form of beach cleans and activities.

Evans is also working with seafront businesses to minimise single-use plastics and encourage responsible disposal of any rubbish.

The campaign has received support from the Green Party, as well as members of the community.

It initially launched between the Palace Pier and the west end of Hove Lawns.

Keep up to date with the latest news on the group’s Facebook page and Instagram account.

View a video created to launch the campaign by clicking here.