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Spectrum eXchange with Laura Noble and Roy Mehta

Gallerist Laura Noble and photographer Roy Mehta will discuss their work and inspirations in our next Spectrum eXchange.

Headshots of Laura Noble and Roy Mehta
Laura Noble and Roy Mehta

Laura Noble and Roy Mehta and will share insights into their creative processes in our next Spectrum eXchange.

Noble and Mehta will join host Kate O’Neill for a live chat on our Instagram from 7.30pm on Tuesday, June 14.

Tomorrow’s event will be our last Spectrum eXchange before the summer break.

Laura Noble

Noble is an artist, collector and director of LANG and FIX Photo Festival.

She represents emerging and established artists, championing them through LANG exhibitions, festivals and museums in the UK and abroad.

Noble curates, both at LANG and independently at venues globally.

She launched FIX Photo Festival in 2016 garnering worldwide recognition, opportunities and participation.

Her writing includes The Art of Collecting Photography – a seminal book on collecting photography, with primary essays in many monographs and anthologies.

Laura prides herself on discovering new talent, developing projects and driving education in the arts.

Roy Mehta

Mehta’s work regularly engages with cultural identity.

This was recently seen in REVIVAL, LONDON 1989-1993, curated by Noble and printed by Spectrum Photographic.

Mehta is drawn to seeing how photography can offer us an opportunity to reflect on our common histories and celebrate our respective identities.

His work explores how different cultures and identities touch, engage and interweave.

Mehta’s work also explores what we consider to be ‘nature’, as in his recent series Lockdown where he uses image and text to interpret the pandemic.

His archive is available through the LA Noble Gallery, LANG.

Spectrum eXchange

Spectrum eXchange is a series of live chats with visual artists and industry experts on process, practise and everything in between.

Kate O’Neill hosts the series.

Kate has worked across the visual arts industries in the UK and Ireland for 15 years.

Join us live on @spectrumlab from 7.30pm on Tuesday, June 14, to watch the chat and take part in a Q&A.

You can also join the conversation using #SpectrumeXchange and catch up later via our IGTV.

Watch Now

Watch O’Neill in conversation with Laura Noble and Roy Mehta here.

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