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Spectrum eXchange with Ami Bouhassane

Meet Ami Bouhassane, trustee of the Lee Miller Archives and co-director of Farleys House & Gallery Ltd, in our upcoming Spectrum eXchange.

Ami Bouhassane at Farleys Kitchen, East Sussex, England by Tony Tree
Ami Bouhassane, Farleys Kitchen, East Sussex, England by Tony Tree © Lee Miller Archives, England 2022. All rights reserved.

Kate O’Neill will be in conversation with Ami Bouhassane for our next Spectrum eXchange IG Live tonight.

Bouhassane is trustee of the Lee Miller Archives and co-director of Farleys House & Gallery Ltd.

Ami Bouhassane

Bouhassane’s family home housed the first Lee Miller photographic dark room, allowing her to print her own pictures since she was a child.

She has worked in the Lee Miller Archives for more than 23 years.

During that time she has cared for the works of her grandparents, Lee Miller and Roland Penrose.

She has also organised exhibitions of their work around the world.

Bouhassane is a lecturer, an artist in her own right, an author and a podcast presenter.

Her 18-part podcast series on Miller and Penrose’s love letters has just finished.

She is now working on one based on Miller’s wartime letters.

Bouhassane’s first book, Lee Miller: A Life with Food, Friends and Recipes, won three awards, including the IACP Jane Grigson award for scholarship.

Lee Miller Archives

The Lee Miller Archives is a small family-run archive dedicated to conserving, publishing and cataloguing the lifestyle and holding of work by Miller and Penrose.

The archive hold some 60,000 of Miller’s negatives, as well as manuscripts, captions, notes, letters, cameras and some of her personal effects such as her US Army uniform.

It also holds approximately 3,000 photographs by Penrose as well as photography by David E. Scherman, Man Ray, Antony Penrose and Andrew Lanyon.

The Lee Miller Archives supports itself entirely on the sale of rights, photographs and the opening of Miller’s home, Farleys House & Gallery, to the public.

Spectrum eXchange

Spectrum eXchange with Ami Bouhassane takes place from 7.30pm tonight (Tuesday, February 22).

Join us live on @spectrumlab to watch the chat and take part in a Q&A.

You can also join the conversation using #SpectrumeXchange and catch up later via our IGTV.