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The Force of Fantasy at SEAS

Fantasy as a powerful tool is explored in The Force of Fantasy, a group exhibition at SEAS.


There is just one day left to view The Force of Fantasy online at the Socially Engaged Arts Salon (SEAS).

It is running online until April 16 at

The group exhibition curated by Ricardo Reverón Blanco.

It includes Blast TheoryCedar Lewisohn, Gil Mualem-Doron, Idris Veitch, Mitchell Moreno, Noraa James, Phoebe Boswell and Sam Moreno Alamein.

Taking Judith Butler’s essay The Force of Fantasy: Feminism, Mapplethorpe, and Discursive Excess as a starting point, this exhibition proposes fantasy is a powerful tool.

It can be used to not only imagine alternative futures but to manifest them by looking beyond convention.

The Force of Fantasy enters the extraordinary as a means to open up dialogues about gender, race, class, and critique our pervasive social hierarchy.


Reimagining possibilities

Curator Reverón Blanco says: “Fantasy is crucial for (re)thinking what could be. The Force of Fantasy invites you to imagine what possibilities might lie in the not so distant future.

“By tilting realism sideways or exploring imaginative worlds, the artworks selected aim to make you question our world’s infrastructure.

“What could be if we imagine alternative possibilities to the social order? Can myth become reality?

“If so, treat these works as portals to better understand our world, and in doing so, transport us to more equitable lands.

“Each artist’s perspective is unique and selected by how they relate to the arguments made by Judith Butler in the essay that inspired this exhibition.”

The Force of Fantasy

Moreno took the first lockdown as an opportunity to consider what a visual language of mental disorder might look like.

Boswell explores Othello’s racial themes in a historical and contemporary setting. The work draws parallels between immigration and blackness in the UK today.

View the exhibition online at