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WATA, Further Explorations at HOME

WATA, Further Explorations brings together works from Ronan Mckenzie and Joy Yamusangie.

Work from WATA, Further Explorations displayed at HOME
WATA, Further Explorations, image courtesy of HOME

HOME has opened its first exhibition – WATA, Further Explorations.

The collaborative show brings together works from Ronan Mckenzie and Joy Yamusangie.

Mckenzie and Yamusangie’s first formal collaboration was a short film of the same name at the beginning of 2020.

WATA weaves together considerations of ancestry, cross cultural connections, music and migration.

It tells the story of Mami Wata, a water deity traced back to West Africa, Central Africa and the Caribbean.

In Mckenzie and Yamusangie’s interpretation, she is drawn into a dance with The Musician.

An original score interweaves a dual narrative of sound and visuals thanks to musicians Melo-Zed, Roxanne Tataei, Boofti and Birame.

Breeze by Ronan Mckenzie, WATA, Further Explorations exhibitions.
Breeze by Ronan Mckenzie, WATA, Further Explorations, courtesy of HOME


WATA is the culmination of a long-term friendship and exchange between Mckenzie and Yamusangie.

It opens up an avenue through which they explore their love and fascination with the colour blue, West and Central African Jazz music, as well as their own African and Caribbean ancestry.

Since bringing the film into the public sphere for the first time in March 2020, Mckenzie and Yamusangie have been continuing to build upon and draw out connections from the original work.

For Further Explorations they expand this world to include large-scale painted wall-hangings and photographic portraits portraying musicality and dance.

The Musician by Joy Yamusangie, displayed as part of the WATA, Further Explorations exhibition
The Musician by Joy Yamusangie, WATA, Further Explorations, image courtesy of HOME


HOME is a multifunctional art and community space hub founded by Ronan Mckenzie.

It was born out of a need for a truly accessible art space with well-curated exhibitions and a wide programme of events.

HOME is one of a handful of black-owned art spaces in London.

It was started to create a distinct space with a new understanding of how to contextualise a diverse range of artists.

HOME is based in Hornsey Studios, London.

WATA, Further Explorations opens online November 26 with a physical opening on December 10.

The gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 7pm by appointment only.