Our commitment to the environment:

We are conscious that traditional photographic printing methods have an impact on the environment. But we are trying to do our bit by working with suppliers who adhere to strict environmental ethics.

We are also working hard to reduce our waste products and we recycle where we can. In addition to this, Spectrum’s printing workflow is based upon the policy of print on demand only.

Our core suppliers and what the manufacturers say:



Fujifilm are continuously innovating. In accordance with their basic CSR, they are constantly working to achieve yet more sustainable production. Their production process operates exclusively on wind energy. They also generate their own energy and have installed a large afterburner and five wind turbines. Fujifilm has recently built a joint water purification plant with neighbouring companies.



Clean water and natural fibres are intrinsic to the continued success of Hahnemühle. This paper manufacturer also runs the Green Rooster program, which supports selected environmental initiatives.




As one of the leading companies in the field of document printing and production, Epson see it as a duty to take an active part in the responsible management of our global resources. The company’s environment policies tackle today’s challenges for preserving a better tomorrow for our children and ourselves.


Recycling at Spectrum:

*We recycle our empty Epson ink cartridges

*Where possible, we recycle our Giclée offcuts

*Generic office paper is recycled

*Cardboard packaging is recycled

*Staff food and drink packaging is recycled

Paper Round:

In the financial year 2018/19 and through the recycling company, Paper Round, we received an award for our contribution towards helping the environment:

*840kg paper recycled

*10 trees saved

*1,180kg of CO2 saved

Waste Care:

We work in conjunction with specialist waste contractors, WasteCare, to ensure compliance of Spectrum’s ‘nil to drain’ policy. Waste Care recycle all waste chemicals for the recovery of silver. In 1993, WasteCare was the first in the sector to obtain BS5750 accreditation as well as the first to obtain ISO 14000 certification in 2001.

Organic products:

We only allow organic milk in our tea and coffee! We have our milk delivered in glass bottles from our local milkman.


In the financial year 2018/19 we planted nine trees through the National Forest Company:

  • Oak: x 3
  • Lime: x 2
  • Hazel: x 1
  • Rowan: x 1
  • Wild Cherry: x 2